The ‘net is a wonderland. Gives you a lot to read and contemplate about, but that “lot” is too much for anyone to remember about. Hence, this blog. It is a David’ish attempt of mine against the Goliath that internet is, to get all the news (and views) about the things I crave about, at one place. Gadgets, gizmos and technology are the “things”, if you must know.

About me, I’m a lowly earthling, still doing the calculations to weed out the anomalies and create an equation that gives me my “42”. Other beings on this trivial planet call me Shantanu Goel, and yes, I’m a YASP (Yet Another Software Programmer).

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  1. Nitin Sakhuja
    Nitin Sakhuja at |

    Mahaan ho praaji tussi.. I have read quite many posts in the blog and each and everyone really deserves appreciation… I mean, apart from the technical material, the quality of the language and terminology used is fuckin’ awsome…
    Shantanu Goel…Amar rahein :))


  2. Rishi
    Rishi at |

    I really enjoyed reading some entries from your blog. Very well done, bro. And thanks for the comment!

  3. Richa Bhatnagar
    Richa Bhatnagar at |


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