[Xposed Mod] Bypass Exchange Security Policy for Nexus and other AOSP devices

Exchange Security Bypass Xposed Mode for Nexus 4/5/7 and other AOSP based devices (Android 4.3 / 4.4)

Update: This has now been tested to work successfully on all stock or nearly stock JellyBean (4.3) and KitKat (4.4) ROMs on Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 / Nexus 7. Other AOSP ROMs like CM11 should work as well.

This mod should be used along with Xposed ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574401 ). Xposed is this awesome framework developed by rovo89 which allows you to carry out mods to your device without changing any files (well except one “app_process” as part of the xposed installer). Moreover, once you install xposed, you don’t need root after that for any mods.

This mod will bypass the Email app from becoming device admin for your phone and prevent it from setting up any security restrictions on your device including pin/password/remote wipe, etc. There are a couple other such mods but they don’t work at all or don’t work for Nexus 4 and/or Android 4.3

Instructions for users
– Remove your existing email account from phone and reboot
– Install Xposed installer (from link above)
– Install this mod (Download apk from here )
– Enable the mod in xposed (Preferences for other devices/versions coming Soon)
– Reboot
– Add your email account again. This time, it will ask you that the email
might require security restrictions, say yes to it but it will never actually set the restrictions.
– Done. πŸ™‚

Instructions for developers
– Read the xda link at the top of this readme and go through basics of xposed development
– Install xposed as an android sdk addon on your system
– Clone this git repo
– Import in Android Studio
– Make changes
– Build πŸ™‚

– rovo89 from xda (for creating xposed)
– mpcjanssen from xda (for original mod)

Source code is atΒ https://github.com/shantanugoel/ExchangeBypassXposed

Feel free to send me your queries or suggestions here or at my twitter: http://twitter.com/shantanugoel


1.5 22-Dec-13
Allow updation of policy keys properly on Exchange server’s request otherwise sync may hang

1.4 16-Dec-13
Fixing the fixes πŸ™‚

1.3 15-Dec-13
Fixed random email app crashes

1.2 14-Dec-13
AOSP ROMs support. Removed some unnecessary logging.

1.1 28-Nov-13
KitKat support. Tested on Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 7 2013

1.0 14-Oct-13
Initial version. Working for Nexus 4 Android 4.3

62 Responses

  1. dan
    dan at |


    can you make this work for the LG G2?


  2. Temp0
    Temp0 at |

    Nice work. But if I understand it right it works for built-in exchange apps only so no way for Touchdown from NitroDesk, right?

  3. mp
    mp at |

    Tested and working on Nexus 7 2013 LTE.

  4. J
    J at |

    Hi, is there any chance to get this working with the HTC One? I’m running CleanROM which is on Android 4.3, but I don’t think the mail app has changed from stock.

  5. Johan
    Johan at |

    Can you make this for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well? That would be fantastic!

  6. Brandon
    Brandon at |

    Any chance of getting this for the S4? Thanks for the great work.

  7. magnus
    magnus at |

    Still needs pin to work on S4 GE.
    I’m a doing something wrong?

  8. dan
    dan at |

    Any luck with the LG G2 in the xposed framwork?

  9. Aksel Gresvig
    Aksel Gresvig at |

    Should this work for an Xperia Z with Cyanogenmod 10.1.3? I followed the instructions but security is still enforced (8-digit PIN, it kills me) when I add an Exchange account..

  10. Christophe
    Christophe at |

    Tried it on Arrow ROM 10.0 with a Galaxy S4, worked like a charm.

  11. standa
    standa at |

    This mod works great for my Galaxy Nexus on stock 4.3 rom. many txs.

    is it possible to modify Gmail.apk too?

  12. Cohiba
    Cohiba at |

    Have you ever tried tot include the ability to change the exchange properties like: device id, model name, os version… Would be great to impersonate an iPhone for enterprises blocking android devices.

  13. defkev
    defkev at |

    Running Version 1.1, keeps random FC’ing the Exchange Service…

    Nexus 5
    KitKat 4.4 KRT16M
    Xposed 2.4

  14. Robs
    Robs at |

    I am getting the force close for Exchange service as well on Nexus 5.

  15. Jos
    Jos at |

    Not working on HTC One GPE on KitKat maybe next version…

  16. Adlx
    Adlx at |

    Doesn’t work on CM11 20131209 nightly (4.4.1)

  17. Adlx
    Adlx at |

    Just sent you a pull request (https://github.com/shantanugoel/ExchangeBypassXposed/pull/1) to add CM11 support. Will likely help support other CM based roms too.

  18. JunoonX
    JunoonX at |

    I installed this on my stock nexus 5, 4,4.2 and while it works, I get exchange crash messages every 15 seconds that state “unfortunately, exchange services has stopped.”. I have installed and updated to latest framework and app, rebooted before using. Any help?

  19. Oskar
    Oskar at |

    I see that other have requested the same thing, but LG G2 support would be very much appreciated!

  20. Waldo
    Waldo at |

    Anyone tried this on an Asus Transformer Infinity that you know of? I am unlocked/rooted and running Cromi-X.

  21. DT
    DT at |

    I am on a Droid MAXX 4.4 and cannot get any of the exchange bypasses to work. Any chance I cans end you the apk’s requested above for other devices to get this working? I am loving me some NFCSecure, but it just won’t work as well with the pin on top, and in some configurations it actually makes it impossible to unlock the phone! (NFCSecure will only allow unlock after the pin unlock, so if you can get the NFCSecure lockscreen on top of the normal one you are SOL)

    Thanks for your hard work so far, and I will install CM on my Razr HD for this trick when I get home, which should allow this to work just fine. It’s just that my MAXX is now my main phone.

  22. CMS
    CMS at |

    This module has changed my life on my Nexus 5…thank you so much!!! The *only* missing feature is calendar sync with Exchange…this module only syncs email but I really wish you could sync calendar as well. Any chance you could work on a mod to add this feature?

  23. Adlx
    Adlx at |

    @CMS : This module won’t really Sync anything, it will fool the Email app into thinking you have set the policy when you’ve not.

    I believe it has nothing to do with syncing. In my case both email and calendar sync do work perfectly.

    Have you tried to sync calendar without this module? Does it work?

  24. CMS
    CMS at |

    Can someone confirm whether this module is ONLY for the Email app or can this module bypass the security policy within the Calendar app as well? It’s working fine for me on email but I can’t display my Exchange calendar in the stock Calendar app.

  25. Adlx
    Adlx at |

    Calendar sync is working fine for me. Confirmed.

  26. CMS
    CMS at |

    Calendar bypass not working on Nexus 5 running 4.4.2, confirmed problem with multiple Nexus 5 owners. Calendar app can see and sync with Exchange calendar but cannot display the calendar-it is grayed out in the “Calendars to display” menu. Email sync works fine.

  27. sassygadget
    sassygadget at |

    Any luck with LG G2?

  28. Laurent
    Laurent at |

    Any updates from Nexus 5 owners regarding Calandar sync issues?

  29. gururaj
    gururaj at |

    Tried this module on rooted samsung galaxy note 8 device (on stock rom). Did not work for me. Has it worked for anyone?

  30. dan theman
    dan theman at |

    tried it on HTC one M7, no joy πŸ™

  31. dom
    dom at |

    I can get my emails on a rooted stock Note 3 without allowing administration. The prompt to update security settings keeps popping up though. For now, I’ll take care of those with tasker or something. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  32. dom
    dom at |

    Ive got to revise my previous post: Exchange email now works without security warnings on Samsung galaxy note 3, model SM-900V!

  33. Anil
    Anil at |

    Hello. Should this work with the Samsung Note 3 – SM900T? The Tmobile version? I follow the instructions and it didnt for me. Any help would greatly be appreciated..Thank you

  34. Leo
    Leo at |

    Working well on Huawei Honor 3C, 4.2.2, Emotion UI 2.0. Thanks.

  35. jeff
    jeff at |

    anybody get this working on galaxy s5?

  36. EmperorX
    EmperorX at |

    Does this still work now that the exchange app is in the playstore? I’m afraid to update…

  37. DJM
    DJM at |

    Hi Shantanu,

    I just downloaded this to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mo) and the app seems to work great with one exception: I can’t seem to get the Inline Graphics to display.

    The first time I receive an email from that sender I get the message at the top of the email “Show pictures” and then once you tap it “Always show pictures from this sender” the images will display for a split second then they disappear and the broken link looking icon shows in their place.

    Have you seen this before?

    Thanks for the great work!!

  38. lesebas
    lesebas at |


    It doesn’t work on my wiko stairway (french version of Micromax Canvas or Blu Life One), permanent crash of e-mail apps. Is there any chance to make it works?

  39. lesebas
    lesebas at |

    Finally this version of the module works well :


  40. DJM
    DJM at |

    That version breaks my email client completely.. when setting up I get an error “Can’t connect to server”

  41. MrNet
    MrNet at |

    Apparently it is not going to work. It is now encrypting my SD card so I guess I’ll have to wait until that is done to decrypt.

    My question is: the next time I try this, at what stage will I know it is or is not going to work? I don’t want to get to the encrypt SD card stage again.

  42. Mike
    Mike at |

    Are you a engineer? welcome you come to China,thare are so many electronic products.

  43. mike
    mike at |

    it is very good

  44. mike
    mike at |


  45. Whatevah
    Whatevah at |

    Works very well on my HTC M8 GPE Android 4.4.4

  46. Jose
    Jose at |

    Calendar sync on Nexus 5 (4.4.4) still seems to be broken. It just doesn’t show any calendars. Works fine without the module.

  47. Pat
    Pat at |

    Jose: I had that same issue. Going into app settings for the calendar and deleting the cache + data cleared it right up! OP: Is boxer support something to expect one day?

  48. Nirav
    Nirav at |

    I m using HTC one x Rom android revolution 33.1 android-4.2.2. I tried it twice through exposed installer but still it requires to set up pin and encrypt my phone. Please guide the correct way.

  49. Pat
    Pat at |

    Hi Nirav…if you’re on the Android Revolution ROM I assume you’re using HTC mail client? This module works with the AOSP email app only (as far as I can tell).

  50. topss
    topss at |

    After installing the apk referred to by lesebas, I can’t get past the encryption precondition.. using n7100 4.4.2 DN3 v55. Any ideas? Much appreciated.

  51. Rahul
    Rahul at |

    Hi Shantanu, I tried reaching you on twitter but not sure if you saw the msg. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) and installed Bypass Exchange mod but still getting only the PIN and Password lock option. Rest all options are disabled. I’ve performed all the pre/post steps as mentioned.

    Here is the error log I get from Xposed framework: http://pastebin.com/Tn9eeh5h

    Would really appreciate any help.

  52. Rahul
    Rahul at |

    I must mention that I’m on stock Android 4.3 rom, rooted and using a different kernel (Boeffla).

  53. Nirav
    Nirav at |

    Can u suggest me a solution….

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