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  1. The Bright Seed
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    No doubt you will understand why your article is of interest to me if you visit my site. As i write i am listening to my music on my Logitech cordless headphones which i paid around $60.00 for; not a bad beginners set though i am far from an expert. I will keep the noise and click issue in mind for my next upgrade. I am always in favor of cross platform.

  2. boloshh
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    Come, be a Boloshher …!!!
    Boloshh got everything, a multiutility site in true sense …
    very relaxing , dynamic and fully loaded with
    knowledge and entertainment!!!


  3. Saurabh
    Saurabh at |

    Good choice though personally I prefer Skullcandy headsets. Those are amazing.

  4. Melinda
    Melinda at |

    I tried, and it didn’t work for me 🙁 Still lots of crackling

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    it is very cool,and we have some cool speaker box as yours.our website:www.goldenshi.com
    dear Shantanu,please tell me when you com to China,I would like to search much more e-products
    with you .

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