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  1. jesse
    jesse at |

    One thing I think will make this complete is (if possible) having it make sure that your alarms are ON once it detects all of the above criteria for being in “night mode”. I hate it when I forget to set my alarms…just a thought.

  2. Prakhar
    Prakhar at |

    There is good software for Nokia – ‘situations’

  3. jerba
    jerba at |

    Hi man,

    I like Your settings, but how do I import them?


  4. Andy Powell
    Andy Powell at |

    It might be worth renaming your files so that they’re called .prf.xml rather than .xml – Tasker wont see them to import them if you don’t.


    1) Rename each file so that it’s called .prf.xml – so for example alarm-detect.xml becomes alarm-detect.prf.xml
    2) Copy them to the root directory of the SD card on your device.
    3) In Tasker’s preferences make sure ‘Beginner mode’ is *not* selected.
    4) From the main screen, press and hold ‘Profiles’ until an options box appears.
    5) Select import
    6) Use the silver arrow to go up a directory until you get to the root of your sdcard, click one of the files to import it.
    7) go back to step 4 and repeat this process for each file.


  5. naskar
    naskar at |

    Hey there, I get ‘error importing profile data’. Any ideas?

  6. Mario
    Mario at |

    Same here,

    “error importing profile data”

  7. Mario
    Mario at |

    Jep, found the problem. Classic mistake done by noobs. Your github account shows the files in a directory listing. So what does the average internet user do? Right Click and “Save as”. Unfortunately this is going to save the full html file and not the raw xml only.

    Just realized it because the file was a little bit too big for just this few lines.


    Now i will check out your scripts. Was already trying to figure out the whole day how to create the condition “if in standby for 30 minutes”. So curious


  8. Mario
    Mario at |

    Update: I see that txt files are written. Do I need to create them?

    Isn’t there another way to count the time since I used the phone the last time? A condition like “Wait for 30 Minutes” and every phone interaction will start the timer again?

  9. Chris
    Chris at |

    Love the idea…but can’t get it working! Having problems importing the .prf.xml files – ‘error importing profile data’. I’m using Tasker 4.0u1m for Android 4.0 on my GS3. I copied the text into Excel and saved as .prf.xml.

  10. Digesh
    Digesh at |

    Can’t import the xml profiles. Please guide on how to create a profile that would detect if screen was off for 30 minutes or so. Thanks.

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