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  1. TGM
    TGM at |

    It seems to me that a large number of people are more concerned about processing power and less about optimized code…

  2. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    they should wait until the tegra 3´s realise.

  3. liam
    liam at |

    @daniel: that’s what we heard about Tegra 2. Perhaps we should wait for tegra 10? IOW, don’t look to nvidia until they deliver a product in the embedded space that is actually that good. So far they haven’t.
    PowerVR’s gfx look to be consistently a couple of generations ahead of nvidia embedded (not to mention things like power use and full video decode).

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  6. Formul
    Formul at |

    Mali-400 goes hand in hand with SGX543MP2 in all other tests as seen on glbenchmark.com
    thats because most of the benchmarks have hardcap on fps unless you are using the offscreen method, which lets GPU past that barier
    […]the iPhone 4S is a sign of stagnation[…] in which regard? just how it looks?

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  8. Anil
    Anil at |

    I dont think Galaxy S2 or any other current phone can compete even with iPad2’s GPU. thats simply Amazing.

  9. Jan
    Jan at |

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