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  1. Blaak Blaak
    Blaak Blaak at |

    Thank you !! I had this problem with talk forum ignore script and i got very angry without ignore list. But now it works.

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  3. Honestinjun
    Honestinjun at |

    I’m old and don’t understand computers. Where is my download directory ???

  4. Squallynou
    Squallynou at |

    Thx !!

    I use Debian and believe it was a bug in the last Linux version of Chrome. Thx a lot, I can continue to use this browser 😀

  5. Sergey
    Sergey at |

    Thanks a lot! It was head ake for me to solve the issue!

    Maybe you also know why chrome don’t want to read head comments with @name, @version and @include if to compile js with google compiler jar utility (ofcouse I put comments back after compilation)?

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