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  1. komal yadav
    komal yadav at |

    Congrats for featuring in chip.Remember that these things motivates you to write even better.

  2. Asim Siddiqui
    Asim Siddiqui at |

    I’ve been a gamer since a very young age ( though i’m still young at 22 ) and i’ve always kept myself updated about latest consoles and their hacks. My PS3 slim has made me run all over the internet to find a way to crack and make the 3.55 homebrew work on it. Not anywhere for a single time did i find an “Indian” working on some hacking part ( leave Ankit Fadia alone ) but it felt really great to find your discovery of using Kinect on a XMB console of PS3. It’s really great and i urge you to work further in the field of consoles and technology.

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