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  1. Gowri
    Gowri at |

    Are you in India? If yes, how did you get access to the Google Music account that is supposed to be US only?

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  3. vanita singh
    vanita singh at |

    Thanks for sharing the app.Is it illegal if i download it from india?

  4. David
    David at |

    Thank you very much from Singapore. The geo tracking google does is driving me nuts!

  5. Mark
    Mark at |

    Thanks for the. Apk. Really hate how we can’t install from the market.

  6. Andy
    Andy at |

    This still doesn’t install correctly. Also on Galaxy S on Gingerbread (CM7)

  7. awinas
    awinas at |

    use proxy sites to access google mucic site.

  8. jamesyb0i
    jamesyb0i at |

    Woo first person in New Zealand to get google music beta

  9. Yeongtaek
    Yeongtaek at |

    Thanks! xD

  10. Programmer XR
    Programmer XR at |

    Hey thanks from the Netherlands, probably one of the first here as well 🙂

  11. YeahKing
    YeahKing at |

    Sweet!! Thanks Dude work nice in DK xD

  12. Rav1807
    Rav1807 at |

    Thanks Man!!! Using the App and Google Music from Costa Rica!!!

  13. Snoopdobb
    Snoopdobb at |

    Another THANKS from the Netherlands!!

  14. Helmer
    Helmer at |

    Thanks from the Netherlands (again), also have access to Google Music Beta..so let’s see how things work 🙂

  15. Sophia
    Sophia at |

    Thanks ever so much from Canada!

  16. udayms
    udayms at |

    Wow! Dude! Thanks… I am downloading it… lemme try installing it!

  17. Mickael
    Mickael at |

    Thanks from France 🙂

  18. Iain
    Iain at |

    Thanks from the UK, really useful 🙂

  19. brunno
    brunno at |

    thanks from Brazil!!!

  20. Raphael
    Raphael at |

    Someone can tell me why I can’t install it in my Wildfire 2.1? It’s brazilian, but astro says its a invalid apk.

  21. Eddie
    Eddie at |

    thanks from Taiwan

  22. Madhav
    Madhav at |

    Thanks a lot, this worked like a charm!

  23. Teerawat
    Teerawat at |

    Thank you dude

  24. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    […] […]

  25. @Mactasvr
    @Mactasvr at |

    Internet is supposed to be free, so everyone can get everything and access what we want to see and get, not what they want us to see.

  26. @Mactasvr
    @Mactasvr at |

    oh by the way, thanks for the app

  27. goleegy
    goleegy at |

    thx from s.korea!!

  28. Sudhakar
    Sudhakar at |

    Thnx from Bangalore

  29. jj pub
    jj pub at |

    THANK from HK

  30. Worud
    Worud at |

    Many thanks from Korea.

  31. ifox
    ifox at |


  32. Gary
    Gary at |

    Thank you from Australia

  33. Maxim
    Maxim at |

    Thanks from Russia 🙂

  34. king_all
    king_all at |

    thx very much for your sharing

  35. John Roh
    John Roh at |


  36. Mike
    Mike at |

    I just installed under froyo, But i cant see any settings menu to configure it, just play local music on the device, any hints on how to access the cloud music?

  37. Nasrat Costa
    Nasrat Costa at |

    guys if you want access to google music , get an invitation , and use a US proxy 😀 tested 😉

  38. Mydoom
    Mydoom at |

    Thanks from France 😉

  39. Pvls
    Pvls at |

    Thanks from Greece

  40. muzz
    muzz at |

    Nope, in UK but changed settings to US with Morelocale 2 but it still runs as the normal music ie no smart mix option etc.
    Music beta working fine on PC.

  41. Tarik
    Tarik at |

    Thanks from Germany

  42. Filip
    Filip at |

    installed on HTC Wildfire running Froyo – no online music visible from Czech Republic, desktop app works oki (Google probably started to censor streaming by IPs)

  43. Filip
    Filip at |

    oops – music visible, but it takes several minutes to show up (sorry!)

  44. djloco
    djloco at |

    thanx from israel its awsome!

  45. Thomas
    Thomas at |


  46. Rick
    Rick at |

    Working great on a dell streak. Thanks from the U.K

  47. AK
    AK at |

    Thanks from Korea!

  48. Laat
    Laat at |

    Thanks from korea 2

  49. Pablo
    Pablo at |

    Thanks from Uruguay.

  50. elle
    elle at |

    thx from switzerland!!!!!

  51. kimyip917
    kimyip917 at |


  52. areeff
    areeff at |

    google music beta can be access from free vpn service.. thx from indonesia

  53. Banjo Mike
    Banjo Mike at |

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  54. Ankit
    Ankit at |

    I wonder why it’s not available in Indai? :/

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