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  1. Bala
    Bala at |

    Nice take. That’s why I don’t watch tech related programs on Indian TV 🙂

    Btw, 3G Data card is not that expensive. IDEA netsetter (Huawei E1550 – HSDPA 3.6 Mbps) goes for listing price of 1450 INR on eBay.in for end users. Combined with coupons / bulk purchase, 1300 INR is definitely possible. But yeah 5000 INR laptop is not 🙂

  2. Yogesh Patel
    Yogesh Patel at |

    Hi, Just read about those two guys in Telecomtalk.info. They seemed like a genuine guys with their interview.

  3. Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar at |

    I know the guys are really fake. They should be punished for biasing the media and public. Strict actions should be taken against these frauds.

  4. iWEBLEAF Corporate Communcation
    iWEBLEAF Corporate Communcation at |

    We are surprised to see some person trying to defame our innovation & comparing that to some cheap Chinese goodies. These allegations made by the person in various blogs & in various forms are completely baseless. The following details will satisfy all sorts of confusions among our media fraternity:
    • We have never mentioned that the body & spare parts of neither the laptop nor the data card has been manufactured by us here in India. Those were imported from outside, so there are huge chances the facial outlook (like the keyboard or cabinet of the laptop or datacard) of these products may have the similarity with that available at China as the cabinets are easily available in Kolkata Market. As we don’t have core competence on those plastic designs thus we need to purchase the cover from the vendor. So, just by comparing our products from the aspect of its look is completely baseless.
    • In his post, in the first part he has mentioned that the

    ” Being a part of the semiconductor industry for quite some time, I was curious to find out how they achieved this feat which no one else including big name companies have been able to do even after years of research (XO-PC). I looked at the purported specs of the laptop and it struck me that yet again, the BoM itself was much more than 5000 INR.”
    But in the second part of the post he has mentioned that

    ” This laptop sells for around $200 in small quantities. If bought for very large quantities (e.g. in thousands or 10s of thousands by a government), the price would come down radically and with a little bit more of subsidy, it can achieve the price that iWebLeaf mentioned.”

    In the first part he says it is impossible to design a product at this price & later on claims that this type of laptop can be procured at this price tag. Comparing these two statements you all can clearly chalk out that ,this person who is blaming us is completely confused from his own end as well as completely out of sense & his statements are completely contradictory. This type of person has no other work rather than leg-pulling & creating unnecessary controversies through which he thinks he can earn good repo for his so claimed high-end blog.
    • Moreover regarding the datacard,we have never released the internal specifications of the datacard & never compared it with any Qualcomm processor.
    All we think if he is very happy in spreading fake rumours & misguiding the public & media persons, so be it!!. If we were misguiding people & the public, why no other from this industry took this point into consideration?? Why is it just Him. We suppose somehow his vested interested is hampered in some way or other for which he has been into this kind of conspiracy.
    Those who are blaming us please try to do something good for the society rather than wasting time in blaming someone. Hope most of the doubts & confusions are empty in all of your minds.
    Even it’s a matter of glad that we are able to get initial patent clearance for our data card project on 4th April 2011 and the person those are biasing the things don’t have any idea over the things; He only prefer to comment. It’s a challenge to him as he is showing he is too tech savvy then why he is not taking some steps to design laptop( with our configuration) and data card (with our feature) at the same price tag.
    We know it’s very easy to comment; But the efforts that are behind the scene is very hard to describe.

  5. Amar
    Amar at |

    Good description for the so called innovation.
    Its really required .
    Now media should try to ask at least same question to them.
    Above iWEBLEAF’s reply don’t have any convincing detail.
    Just using words like “confused/out of sense/leg-pulling” doesn’t prove ones point.
    good initiative Shantanu.
    Hope to see more transparent questions.

  6. Manoj
    Manoj at |

    I found a video on youtube which they shot for OTV, local Oriya channel i suppose.


    Specially interesting from 3:10 mins onwards where they show a couple of chaps sitting with a desktop motherboard and Phillips screwdriver in front of the laptop, were they trying to show the board component of the laptop ?

    They show it running on Vista\Win 7, have they obtained permission from Microsoft to even test the OS ?

    And without patent application numbers this is a serious matter …

  7. VIPUL
    VIPUL at |

    Why Iwebleaf is silent!
    They have to give the explanation!
    All these things are not a joke of course.
    They are silent means shantanu is correct.

  8. streethacker
    streethacker at |

    cheers shantu……………all’re awaiting iwebleaf reply

  9. Vijay
    Vijay at |

    Shantu gud kick back….applause!!!
    Every 1’s waiting for iwebleaf team to answer!!!!!

  10. Hitesh
    Hitesh at |

    We have not heard anything after this.

    While Tablet manufacturing could be a larger project, 3G router was not so large. Investment required for manufacturing that could have been obtained from any group of individual investors.

    It is likely that being in Odhisa they may not have reach to possible individual investors. But if the 3G router project was promising in terms of volumes and margins, it could have been supported if appropriate channel was selected.

    As a consumer, even if the 3G router is produced in small quantities and sold at still higher price than 1,300, I am sure many like me will still buy it.

    If product is promising, why TCS would take them as normal coders rather than take them to manufacture the product that is already developed by them?

    It seems, it was more of publicity rather than a concrete product.

  11. Naman
    Naman at |

    Thanks Shantanu Da these Iwebleaf fool gays meke me fool and waste a lot of time but thanks for ur dedication to cought him red handed .they never come back for explanation because they have nothing to say. Thanks Da.

  12. DK
    DK at |

    You forgot one thing, how can they even manufacture their DXA16? They’d need a fab (:D) or at least some sponsorship by some fab owner such as global foundaries/TSMC/Samsung/TI/Qualcomm/Intel. And if they had it then it then the laptop would have been in production long by now 😉

  13. Niraj Rachh
    Niraj Rachh at |

    Shantanu is absolutely right in his remarks. He has done his homework well. India Media is filled with half knowledgable people, who create hype, without going into the proper details. This guys iWebLeaf are taking undue advantage of the media & promoting false things. I cant belive that a laptop can be avaiable under Rs 5000. I have been in Computer industry since last 15 years & have never heard such false claims.

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  15. Michael V. Hayden
    Michael V. Hayden at |

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  16. donald
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