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  1. brett6781
    brett6781 at |

    April fools? I hope…

    Either way, as long as android is still open sourced (don’t bitch @ me about 3.0) and Google pays for their opperation costs, it may be a good thing after all to not have the whole of the company pressing down on it while still having it’s recources.

  2. muathib
    muathib at |

    April fools.

  3. Drew
    Drew at |

    I hate this holiday. Seriously.

  4. Michael
    Michael at |

    April 1st is such a boring day. Best to avoid reading anything until tomorrow.

  5. Smith Knife Sharpener
    Smith Knife Sharpener at |

    Ha Ha… A nice one for April 1st. Google will not do this. Because a potential huge market is being developed around android.

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