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  1. san20
    san20 at |

    How did you determine, WP7 is coming with IE7?

  2. Hunkah
    Hunkah at |

    …and why would you want to write Microsoft about a mobile future? They JUST joined the current mobile train, and are the caboose! The future has already been decided, and Microsoft was asleep for far too long. They’re gravy train left with Gates. They stopped innovating years ago and are still bent on the past. They are trying to use their patents to succeed instead of creating new ideas and better ways of doing things.

    WP7 is going to fail, because nobody likes Microsoft anymore. I had one of their phones. It died in less than a year (fatal OS crash) and I had to pay $300 to get out of my contract.

    I am an Android user now. Happy with everything. I use this phone for everything in the world. If it had a bluetooth keyboard, I would use it as a mini-laptop!

  3. SavTheCoder
    SavTheCoder at |

    well, it’s slightly better than the KIN phone that would come with IE6…

  4. hda
    hda at |

    Why even write about MS at all then…
    why give them the free publicity??

    Just ignore them totally.

  5. MikeFM
    MikeFM at |

    Both people that use these Windows 7 phones will be screwed but then they’re probably migrating from Windows CE phones so to them it’ll be an improvement.

    I don’t know about everyone else but my plan is to continue pushing these phones to the striped down text-only mobile version of my websites. The only devices worth tweaking for are iOS or Android. Other mobile devices are so infrequent as to be a margin of error.

  6. Info Dave
    Info Dave at |

    That’s been common knowledge right along. I’ve seen Microsoft acknowledge this in numerous venues. No Flash, no HTML 5. Good luck getting WP7 to do video.

  7. nuttinghoney
    nuttinghoney at |

    Not for nothing, but then why code for Windows 7 phones? If you coddle them, they will never adapt to standards. If however, most websites or features don’t work, consumers will get on Microsoft’s case to make themselves compliant. They are a minor platform right now in the mobile space, you don’t have to treat them like a market leader.

  8. phil
    phil at |

    I would never buy a M$ anything, much less a phone. This is a new market with healthy competition between Android Linux, Apple, Blackberry and more. If M$ got control of it, the market would stagnate just like the desktop market with those awful Windows OS’s.

  9. Pl0ns
    Pl0ns at |

    Windows Phone 7 is a threat to iPhone ? or Android ? It is a joke. No multitasking no even copy and paste, problems with video media, missing screens operations funcionalites, almost no software if you compare it to iPhone of Android software base – It is outdated 5 or more years already and Phone 7 struggle to catch up.. It it’s just boring.. Phone 7 is not even there where iPhone started..

  10. Michael
    Michael at |

    WP7 is good for coders (like myself) who don’t want to learn obscure languages (Obj-C) or yet another Java UI library (Android). I can code in C#. I believe it’ll also be popular in the enterprise for the same reason.

  11. lightpriest
    lightpriest at |

    Just to confirm, I compared Acid test results on WP7 and Android.


    WP7’s browser scores very close IE7.

  12. Damijan
    Damijan at |

    Bravo. I also don’t get it why people actually bother with MS?!? Ignore them as much as you can and when you can’t then at least don’t publicise their stuff. MS is in my mind 100% irrelevant since the shipment of Vista.

  13. jablonsky27
    jablonsky27 at |

    If you think MS is irrelevant then you re outta your mind. I’m not backing MS, but the fact is they have a 90% share in the desktop space and a sizable space in mobiles(which is set to grow with WP7).

    As a consumer you may ignore their products, thats your choice. But as a developer, MS offers the biggest market for your products on their platform.

  14. Anas
    Anas at |

    I dont know what phone you have, but Cyanogen MOD supports bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

  15. Julian
    Julian at |

    I suppose future updates of the OS could reach IE 8 or 9 in a year or so, meaning anyone writing a app today will need to rewrite it again, which is good work for coders! Their real competition is the Blackberry though, which is the most common business oriented smart phone. Other phones are for general consumer use.

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  17. Amelia Maddox
    Amelia Maddox at |

    I dont know what phone you have, but Cyanogen MOD supports bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

  18. Sid
    Sid at |

    It’s fun to read this specially now when I’m using IE 9 on my mangofied trophy 😛

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