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  2. Pierre
    Pierre at |

    And get a list of available tasks with:

    cat /usr/share/tasksel/*.desc | grep Task

  3. not just any mouse
    not just any mouse at |

    Yabbut, when I run that command I only get language based stuff:

    $ cat /usr/share/tasksel/*.desc | grep Task
    Task: albanian-desktop
    Task: amharic
    Task: amharic-desktop
    Task: amharic-kde-desktop
    Task: arabic
    Task: arabic-desktop
    Task: arabic-kde-desktop
    Task: basque
    Task: basque-desktop
    Task: basque-kde-desktop
    Task: belarusian
    Task: belarusian-desktop
    Task: belarusian-kde-desktop
    Task: bengali
    Task: bengali-desktop
    Task: bengali-kde-desktop
    Task: bosnian
    Task: bosnian-desktop
    Task: brazilian-portuguese
    Task: brazilian-portuguese-desktop
    Task: brazilian-portuguese-kde-desktop
    Task: british
    Task: british-desktop
    Task: british-kde-desktop
    Task: bulgarian
    Task: bulgarian-desktop
    Task: bulgarian-kde-desktop
    Task: catalan
    Task: catalan-desktop
    Task: catalan-kde-desktop
    Task: chinese-s
    Task: chinese-s-desktop
    Task: chinese-s-kde-desktop
    Task: chinese-t
    Task: chinese-t-desktop
    Task: chinese-t-kde-desktop
    Task: croatian
    Task: croatian-desktop
    Task: croatian-kde-desktop
    Task: cyrillic
    Task: cyrillic-desktop
    Task: cyrillic-kde-desktop
    Task: czech
    Task: czech-desktop
    Task: czech-kde-desktop
    Task: danish
    Task: danish-desktop
    Task: danish-kde-desktop
    Task: database-server
    Task: desktop
    Task: dns-server
    Task: dutch
    Task: dutch-desktop
    Task: dutch-kde-desktop
    Task: dzongkha-desktop
    Task: dzongkha-kde-desktop
    Task: esperanto
    Task: esperanto-desktop
    Task: estonian
    Task: estonian-desktop
    Task: estonian-kde-desktop
    Task: file-server
    Task: finnish
    Task: finnish-desktop
    Task: finnish-kde-desktop
    Task: french
    Task: french-desktop
    Task: french-kde-desktop
    Task: galician
    Task: galician-desktop
    Task: galician-kde-desktop
    Task: georgian-desktop
    Task: german
    Task: german-desktop
    Task: german-kde-desktop
    Task: gnome-desktop
    Task: greek
    Task: greek-desktop
    Task: greek-kde-desktop
    Task: gujarati
    Task: gujarati-desktop
    Task: gujarati-kde-desktop
    Task: hebrew
    Task: hebrew-desktop
    Task: hebrew-gnome-desktop
    Task: hebrew-kde-desktop
    Task: hindi
    Task: hindi-desktop
    Task: hindi-kde-desktop
    Task: hungarian
    Task: hungarian-desktop
    Task: hungarian-kde-desktop
    Task: icelandic
    Task: icelandic-desktop
    Task: icelandic-kde-desktop
    Task: indonesian-desktop
    Task: irish
    Task: irish-desktop
    Task: irish-kde-desktop
    Task: italian
    Task: italian-desktop
    Task: italian-kde-desktop
    Task: japanese
    Task: japanese-desktop
    Task: japanese-gnome-desktop
    Task: japanese-kde-desktop
    Task: kannada-desktop
    Task: kannada-kde-desktop
    Task: kazakh-kde-desktop
    Task: kde-desktop
    Task: khmer
    Task: khmer-desktop
    Task: khmer-kde-desktop
    Task: korean
    Task: korean-desktop
    Task: korean-gnome-desktop
    Task: korean-kde-desktop
    Task: kurdish
    Task: kurdish-desktop
    Task: kurdish-kde-desktop
    Task: laptop
    Task: latvian
    Task: latvian-desktop
    Task: latvian-kde-desktop
    Task: lithuanian
    Task: lithuanian-desktop
    Task: lithuanian-kde-desktop
    Task: lxde-desktop
    Task: macedonian
    Task: macedonian-desktop
    Task: macedonian-kde-desktop
    Task: mail-server
    Task: malayalam
    Task: malayalam-desktop
    Task: malayalam-gnome-desktop
    Task: malayalam-kde-desktop
    Task: manual
    Task: marathi
    Task: marathi-desktop
    Task: nepali-desktop
    Task: nepali-kde-desktop
    Task: northern-sami
    Task: northern-sami-desktop
    Task: norwegian
    Task: norwegian-desktop
    Task: norwegian-kde-desktop
    Task: persian
    Task: persian-desktop
    Task: polish
    Task: polish-desktop
    Task: polish-kde-desktop
    Task: portuguese
    Task: portuguese-desktop
    Task: portuguese-kde-desktop
    Task: print-server
    Task: punjabi
    Task: punjabi-desktop
    Task: punjabi-kde-desktop
    Task: romanian
    Task: romanian-desktop
    Task: romanian-kde-desktop
    Task: russian
    Task: russian-desktop
    Task: russian-kde-desktop
    Task: serbian
    Task: serbian-desktop
    Task: serbian-kde-desktop
    Task: slovak
    Task: slovak-desktop
    Task: slovak-kde-desktop
    Task: slovenian
    Task: slovenian-desktop
    Task: slovenian-kde-desktop
    Task: south-african-english-desktop
    Task: spanish
    Task: spanish-desktop
    Task: spanish-kde-desktop
    Task: ssh-server
    Task: standard
    Task: swedish
    Task: swedish-desktop
    Task: swedish-kde-desktop
    Task: tagalog
    Task: tamil
    Task: tamil-desktop
    Task: tamil-gnome-desktop
    Task: telugu
    Task: telugu-desktop
    Task: telugu-gnome-desktop
    Task: telugu-kde-desktop
    Task: thai
    Task: thai-desktop
    Task: thai-gnome-desktop
    Task: thai-kde-desktop
    Task: turkish
    Task: turkish-desktop
    Task: turkish-kde-desktop
    Task: ukrainian
    Task: ukrainian-desktop
    Task: ukrainian-kde-desktop
    Task: vietnamese-desktop
    Task: vietnamese-kde-desktop
    Task: web-server
    Task: welsh
    Task: welsh-desktop
    Task: xfce-desktop
    Task: xhosa-desktop
    Task: xhosa-kde-desktop

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