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    […] Join Date: Dec 2008 Posts: 213 Paid apps are a go. Just restart your phones Android Paid Apps Now Live In India | Shantanu's Technophilic Musings + Reply to […]

  2. Stig
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    Paid apps also available in Denmark now (Though I cannot see the “Top paid” tab, even though I have deleted data and cache for the Market app).

  3. Stig
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    Yes I did have to accept the TOS again. Don’t know if the top-lists are regional, but if so it might just be because paid apps still are to new in Denmark to make a “Top paid” list:-)

  4. BP
    BP at |

    Both tips mentioned work in India.. Thanks.

  5. Pavan D
    Pavan D at |

    I am not able to see paid apps on my phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S. I have cleared the cache in Manage Application->all-> Market. Clear data is not an option there. I have used the code “*#*#2432546#*#*” as you have said but I dont get the message “Checkin succeeded”. Please assist me. Can you please give me a procedure to get the paid apps to be shown?

  6. Pavan D
    Pavan D at |

    I have tried all the things like clearing cache and using the code. Still no message nor any paid app being visible.

  7. Pavan D
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    @ Shantanu: Thanks for replying back. I did restart the phone after entering the code (though that didnt give me any message). The market was as before. I will have to search for my camera to give you a screen shot which might take time. In the mean time I will explain the whole screen shot in words.

    1) I find 2 applications running in Apps->All. One is Market and other is Market Updater. Now, market has no option of “clear data”. It only has “clear cache” option. So dont know what to do. Market Updater has clear data as well as clear cache options.

    2) A strange thing here is, when I start the market application, we all will see featured applications right? I see them and some of them have prices next to them as ~410Rs (something like that). When I select the “apps” or the “games” tab above, I dont see the “paid or “top paid” tab. I only see “top free” and “just in”. Now why is this is my question.

    3) I heard from my friend who has a Galaxy spica that the android market “automatically” uninstalled and installed itself when he switched on wifi. He then is able to see paid apps in the market. It happened all automatically. This is not happening on my Galaxy S. Dont know why.

    I did some googling and found that the clear data option missing in market appication is well discussed in a lot of forums. The reasons – unknown.

    Hope you are able to get a picture of my problem.

  8. Pavan D
    Pavan D at |

    @ Shantanu: I had followed the procedure mentioned in the link you gave. I tried it again. But then also I could not get that tab “Top Paid”. Don’t know what else can be tried. The Samsung service people have little clue regarding these high end devices and Google is not at all accessible from India atleast (No contact number). Need to wait for the Froyo release for Samsung Galaxy S and then try once more.

  9. Pavan D
    Pavan D at |

    @Shantanu: I did the factory reset after backing up the contacts. I lost all the messages though. But the important part is I am able to see the Paid Apps tab now after the reset. Thanks a lot for the assistance. I am able to see the paid apps and browse it properly. No issues now. I dont know why this problem was existing in the first place.

    Anyways, I didnt want to do a factory reset. I tried removin the gmail account from the settings and adding it again. Thought this would solve the problem. I could do it as it said that this is only possible by doing a factory reset. But I guess, in the process it wrecked a lot many things as I could not log in any of the google applications. I had to do a factory reset to solve this and hoped it would solve the market issue as well. And hurray!!! It did solve the issue.

    Thanks again.

  10. Me
    Me at |

    Poland too – yay!
    Or should I say – finally!

  11. saurabh
    saurabh at |

    why cant we use debit cards ?? this is stupid

  12. Pavan
    Pavan at |

    Some questions like these are better asked to Google than anyone else. Even I have some questions to ask them. But there is no way of reaching them. No google contact mail ids or contact numbers are present that can be used by Indian customers to contact Google.

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