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  1. Gowri
    Gowri at |

    Are you in India? If so, how did you “buy” the app from Android market?

  2. Oscar.
    Oscar. at |


    I tryed your script on my Milestone, it just didn’t work. No audio source supported even if I use Microphone.


  3. Bluebell
    Bluebell at |

    If you have Google Voice, then this feature already exists. You simply push “4” on the dial pad once the call is connected to record. It plays a message indicating that the call is being recorded. I forget what you push to stop, but the point is that it already exists if you use Google Voice.

  4. Mat
    Mat at |

    Does this work on phones that haven’t been rooted? As I remember searching a while back and coming to the conclusion that this wasn’t possible.

  5. al
    al at |

    Doesn’t work because during a call I am not able to pull down the top bar and click on notifications. Don’t know Why this is or how to fix it.

  6. bram
    bram at |

    Recorder does’nt record Telephony downlink instead record from the loudspeaker.

    Some I see a Toast msg “failed to initialise media recorder” Tested on Nexus-1 Froyo 2.2.1

  7. Aymen
    Aymen at |

    @Shantanu Goel
    hi, do you know where i can find the source code for this application? I need this code in order to do finish’s study project 🙁 🙁 🙁 i am too later and i can’t find a solution


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  9. Pat
    Pat at |

    Thanks for sharing. This looks like a wonderful app.

  10. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    same as this ! Tried on desire rooted djdroid rom

  11. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    this is what i got by enabling the log , http://i.imgur.com/XXIX5.png

  12. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    we are discussing in this thread on google groups http://goo.gl/ouqg . can you see my post at the end ??? i cant post!!!!

  13. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    Yes, in fact he told me that he moderate the first message because of spam.

  14. bram
    bram at |

    I investigate that API on android records telephony call only on 1.6 and platform above this version records only through MIC..

    More details of API and Target to test are available here http://bramroid.wordpress.com/2010/08/13/recording-with-android-mediarecorder-api/

  15. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    but im assuming this profile you created is working for you, what version of android are you running ?

  16. bram
    bram at |

    @shantanu, could you try the following test case and let me know what is the outcome.

    Step1. Issue a GSM call with headset connected.
    Step2. Start recording after call established.
    Step3. Try to mute the uplink and record downlink

  17. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    eheh the solution was so dumb, if the folder doesen’t exist (shantz is the folder) it returns an error. But i have another problem, it seems not to recognize the variables in the filename: call-%CNUM-%CDATE-%CTIME.3gp i have this now

  18. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    also putting a space between variables didn’t helped much : call – %CNUM – %CDATE – %CTIME.3gp

  19. sugar0
    sugar0 at |

    yes, latest version

  20. ACB
    ACB at |

    Excuse my ignorance, but I seem unable to import the xml archive I downloaded. I did the following:

    1. Extraced the zip contents into a folder on my SD card.
    2. Selected Tasks
    3. Pressed Menu and selected Import. A directory listing of the SD card comes up.
    4. A Dialog box with the path to the directory comes up and nothing happens.

    At the end I tap the Cancel button.

  21. ACB
    ACB at |

    Figured it out.

    For those newbies who have a similar problem these are the steps;

    1. Place the XML files in the sdcard/ Tasker/profiles folder.
    2. Hit menu and choose the Profile Data option.
    3. Select the Import One Profile option.

  22. Brian
    Brian at |

    When trying to import the 2nd xml I’m getting

    Error import Record_call.prf.xml ignoring import task with existing name, please delete first.

    On htc incredible android 2.2, anyone else getting this? I tried renaming some variables but not sure what needs to be done to make it work properly.

  23. dalexandrescu
    dalexandrescu at |

    I have an Desire with froyo and all I get are 0 sized files. This also seems to drain battery very fast and tasker is freezing (force-close).
    It appears like the recording never stops (hence the 0 sized files) and I don’t know why…
    Any clues?


  24. Jerard
    Jerard at |

    I would like to know if it’s possible to have the recording start automatically. Maybe combine Profile 1 and 2. (?)

  25. dalexandrescu
    dalexandrescu at |

    It worked. Sadly is useless if it only works with speakerphone on. Thanks!

  26. dalexandrescu
    dalexandrescu at |

    Actually this is how I’ve set it up. You only need two profiles, one for REC start and one for REC stop. REC start when “phone offhook” and REC stop when “phone idle”. It’s really easy.

  27. Jerard
    Jerard at |

    Dale…thanks for that input. It put me in the right direction. After tinkering for awhile it’s just the way I wanted it.

  28. blackixo
    blackixo at |


    ive dropped the speakerphone and mic record setting and trying to make the direct recording to work like u said, but… i keep getting this message after i start recording “failed to init media recorder” can anyone help?

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  30. Joeviocoe
    Joeviocoe at |

    Thanks for the great tasker setup! I made some serious revisions to your work.

    I wanted to make it completely legit, so I added a disclaimer when recording the distant end.

    I allowed the user to choose to record only their side (without a disclaimer) so they can take voice notes during the call.

    Also, I added a notification to playback the last recording.

    And, instead of using the notification bar (which I cannot get to while in a call, I use a gesture and popups.

    You can find it in the Tasker Wiki as “Record Phone Calls (legal)

    Let me know what you think? Thanks.

  31. Mark
    Mark at |

    It works and creates a 3g2 file when I run a test in tasker, but doesn’t create a file when i execute a phone call even though it says “Record Call”. I am guessing it is a security block on the droid X preventing it from recording.

  32. Mark
    Mark at |

    ok, let me clarify this better; It does create the file when i press “record call” from the drop down screen, but the 3g2 file has no audio. However it create a 3g2 file with crystal clear audio when i run a test inside Tasker. My only conclusion is that Motorola has a security lock on recording calls, and the samsung don’t.

  33. arshad
    arshad at |

    ActionWorks is another very simple to use application that can automate you phone completely.Its very nicely laid out.Try it.


  34. Tammy
    Tammy at |

    This is probably a lame question, but how do I retrieve the recordings?

  35. marvin
    marvin at |

    I agree with Mark. On my Motorola Photon 4G, after making sure I have created a folder called Recorded in my internal storage (where I have my phone set to store to…some people may use their addon SD card), I test the 2nd profile by pushing the play icon and it prompts me to record either with or without speakerphone, then it proceeds to make a recording called lastcall.3gp that has a tangible length and can be listened to by clicking it in the file explorer…yet when I actually make a call, although everything seems to go as planned, when I check lastcall.3gp it always has a length of 0s & size 0kb. Something in the phone’s root is telling it to disallow any kind of recording while a call is in progress and I bet there’s no Tasker command that can undo that.

  36. romeo4all
    romeo4all at |

    Whay no one make a video about making this to work i think that lot of people dont know to accomplished.

  37. Anupama Prabhakar
    Anupama Prabhakar at |

    I tried many android app for call recording. But most of them are not good enough to work on all devices. There are very few android phone which supports call recording api on android, rest are working on MIC based recording which is not a good solution.
    First you check by program that VOICE_CALL is working o your phone model or not because VOICE_CALL is blocked on most of the phone for more details please see

  38. Sunny
    Sunny at |

    Dear Shantanu, I bought a Nexus 4 couple of days back. My objective was to use it for call recording my interviews for my articles. However to my horror, I find that most of the call recorders dont work on this phone. Could you please help.

  39. Claudio
    Claudio at |

    Dear friend, I installed this application on my device Samsung Pocket Plus, all calls are recorded however, to play it in the own machine with this high speed when I copy to a PC also can not listen to this very high speed, How can resulver this problem? Can you help me?

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