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  3. mohi
    mohi at |


    I want to use the tunnel to route all the traffic from my phone to my computer. I can successfully create the tunnel using Dynamic(SOCKS) and 8001 specified as the port. However, when I go to browser and visit whatismyip.com I can’t see my home computer IP. All I see is my current IP address. Do I need to change the settings on browser?

  4. trevmar
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    Shantanu said “you need to look at a VPN instead since many apps, including the browser, don’t have the ability to use proxies”

    I use SSHtunnel, and it most definitely works fine with the browser, and all my other android applications. It has an amazingly easy way to set up the ‘proxies’ automatically, too.

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  6. nihao
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    I installed connectbot and can connect to my VPN with no problem. But how can the browser get the tunnel data from my VPN? When I do a showmyip.com I still get the ISP’s IP.

  7. amir
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    sshtunnel, wonderfullllllllll app. its woking perfectly

  8. Alex
    Alex at |

    Using this you should be able to set the proxy settings in the Androids phone to take advantage of the tunnel. Alternatively in a worst case scenario this could be combined with Squid and then setting up a tunnel to the squid server and using that would proxy the traffic.

  9. bert
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    please explain how i can browse from my Android through SSH tunnel created to my home network.

    I can now connect to my home SSH server successfully from 3G Android using FreeSSHd installed at home and ConnectBot. I used to know how to do SSH web browsing but it was easy with Putty from my laptop.

    Can I use port forwarding in ConnectBot? How do I set up SOCKS proxy in browser? WHich browser? Are you saying I can remove ConnectBot all together and use SSHTunnel?

    Thank you,

  10. Brad
    Brad at |

    Here is an easy way to set up your browser and Tunnel on your android device. http://crackednoodle.com/2012/01/bypass-firewalls-with-android-ssh-tunneling/

  11. Arun Goyal
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    i just want to know that can i use ssh tunneling for data sync to server in android.If yes how i can use this for data sync.


    Arun Goyal

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  13. Indy Guy
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    Shantanu, Thanks for this nice article which starts with an ambitious statement “If you want to have a secure browsing environment or just want to access your home network securely”, really elevating reader’s hopes. As it turns out what it actually does is the latter part of the ambition and not the former more catching opening part. A nice article anyway. Keep writing for us. Thanks.

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