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  1. arley
    arley at |

    Sigh… doesn’t work for me on MotoDroid (classic)… and I _am_ rooted.

  2. Rick
    Rick at |

    This is not true. I got my wife a Moto Droid and she is using Tesla LED on her non-rooted phone just fine.

  3. Clif
    Clif at |

    DroidLight by Motorola has worked quite awhile. Not rooted, but LED based and works very well on a Droid.

  4. pepe
    pepe at |

    Seems to me one only needs to write an application which captures the camera feed, but doesn’t do anything with the image. That would turn on the light, no? What am I missing?

  5. Marley
    Marley at |

    LED light does not function on the Incredible, at least it gives you a nice message telling you that it won’t work.

  6. Andre
    Andre at |

    Works on Motorola Defy

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