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  1. Kruy Kaze
    Kruy Kaze at |

    My “Local Services” does not have a headset section.
    Even though the headset is connected
    What do i do?

  2. glococo
    glococo at |

    Propietary IM ? No thanks.

    Im very happy with XMPP, Cross domain, opensource, plataform independent and far more powerfull than skype.

    OVI.com & GMX.com & gMail.com & Facebook and many many many corporates and domains uses XMPP as IM/VoIP Solution.

    There is no better alternative. XMPP is the future.

    Sorry Skype. 🙂

  3. Kruy Kaze
    Kruy Kaze at |


  4. Mute (or Answer) Skype Calls with BT Headset Button in Linux « technichristian.net

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  5. Kruy Kaze
    Kruy Kaze at |

    I looked everywhere and i couldn’t find this headset plugin

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    Eating Disorder Treatment : at |

    bluetooth headsets are very nice and very comfortable because you don’t have those pesky wires~’,

  7. Niall Parker
    Niall Parker at |

    On Ubuntu 10.10, using blueman applet 1.21 I found the plugin enable menu item on right click of the indicator. Enabling and configuring it though didn’t seem to make a difference, the script doesn’t execute. As per Kruy Kaze, the headset doesn’t show up in Local Services.

  8. Seth Gilchrist
    Seth Gilchrist at |

    1) The ‘Headset’ service appears to now be a plugin, so you can enter the path to script by right-clicking the Blueman icon in the system tray, selecting ‘plugins’, then ‘Headset’, then ‘Configuration’.

    2) In both Linux Mint 12 and Fedora 16, the HFP profile seems to intercept the answer button; I got it to work by editing /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf:

    In Linux Mint, look for the [Headset] section of the file and change ‘HFP=true’ to ‘HFP=false’

    In Fedora 16, create the audio.conf file and add two lines:

    Thanks so much for this script, Shantanu. Finally, I can flush the toilet.

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