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  1. takeshi
    takeshi at |

    Nice lil app, but it seens that it doesnt work on my Nexus 1 (FRF83 with MCR aditions). Regardless of your app or spare parts settings, wifi goes off after the screen times out. What system have you tried on?

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  3. Zanshin
    Zanshin at |

    There’s a known bug with wifi sleep policy on the N1 and other devices with broadcom wifi chips where on some configurations, wifi sleep policy is ignored.


  4. Ken
    Ken at |

    Thanks for making the app, I’m testing it now. Could you please update your post with a description of the “workarounds”? Thanks!

  5. Ken
    Ken at |

    Nevermind, I found a description of those options in the Settings menu on the Advanced Options screen. πŸ™‚ The app is not working for me though.

    Device: Nexus One (T-Mobile version), running official Froyo Build FRF91. Not rooted, or otherwise modified.

    App version: 1.2.1

    Workaround Combinations Tried: All six.

    Logcat: Turned on Debug mode but no idea how to send this.

    I have a very common and popular Linksys WRT54GL router, with DD-WRT firmware installed. I also tried changing the wireless security algorithm from TKIP to AES and neither works. I’m totally and absolutely lost. πŸ™

    I got my Nexus One just a few days ago, and am running vanilla Froyo FRF91. I couldn’t be a more typical Nexus One user. If I’m having this problem, then a lot of others will be having it too for sure.

  6. Ronald
    Ronald at |

    It is not working for my Samsung Eclair 2.1 either. The Notification showing Wifi but cant ping to the android ip. Wifi can remain connected only when I have the charging cable connected. Maybe if you can trick Android that phone is charging, wifi could always stay connected.

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  8. Igor
    Igor at |

    If my phone is within a workaround zone Wi-Fi is on. Always ON. No way to switch it off. Just to go somewhere outside the workaround zone. Wi-Fi on doesn’t mean it is working. It is just on – so 3G is off and I have no Internet. I have to switch off Wi-Fi after sleep and it comes back by itself and works until next sleeping period. Un-installing and reinstalling the program doesn’t help. N1 Enomther v2.10.2

  9. Igor
    Igor at |

    I used to use a widget to switch Wi-Fi on-off. Now it doesn’t work. I did a nandroid backup after wipe it didn’t solve the problem. I did a clean install and still not able to switch off Wi-Fi. Everything was working before I installed Wi-Fi keep alive

  10. Igor
    Igor at |

    Sorry, bro. My fault. I’ve found the problem. Not Wi-Fi Keep Alive.

  11. Steven
    Steven at |

    I was not able to maintain a Wifi connection when the screen sleeps with Wi-Fi Keep Alive and an HTC Aria with CM6 Froyo.

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  13. Rob
    Rob at |

    I did not have success with any of the workarounds on the nexus one. When I enabled workaround 3 and then 4 the phone become sluggish. The keep alive application was no longer very responsive and often android asked if it should be forced closed, or wait which is what I did to turn it off each time. Not sure if this helps.

  14. Rob
    Rob at |

    No problems. If you would like me to run it up again later on to see if it is still affecting response time I can do that. I however did not have success in keeping the wifi connection from sleeping on the nexus one.

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  17. sarah
    sarah at |

    I am trying the workarounds as I cannot keep wifi on on xperia 10 mini pro. I noticed that if u change the setting on the app it doesnt change the widget. So you could change the app to always on and the widget stays orange or white etc. Works ok the other way round though -If u change the widget it changes the app.

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  19. Cloyd
    Cloyd at |

    Hi Shantanu,

    I tried to download the latest Wi-Fi Keep Alive but unfortunately I’m using a China-made tablet that has no Market Android access.

    Do you have a URL link of the APK file where I can directly download it? Worst comes to worst, can you please send it to my email?

    Thank you. Hope to hear from you.

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  22. sander
    sander at |

    Lease do not reconnect WiFi when airplane mode is enabled

  23. Al
    Al at |

    Is this project still ongoing?
    I have a rooted Nook Color that will not keep Wifi on even though the system is set to never sleep. I have tried your program, with all workarounds, but it does not work for the Nook.
    Android ver 2.1
    Wifi chip is a TQM679002 802.11b/g/n WLAN/BT from triquint.com

  24. masvil
    masvil at |

    In Android if screen is off then network switching 3G -> Wifi doesn’t work, right? If right, can Wi-Fi Keep Alive help?

    I wonder how can I make my X10 Mini Pro (Android 2.1) switching to Wifi when I go to office/home even if screen is off.

    Wi-Fi Keep Alive default installation (without workarounds) doesn’t fix that.

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  26. Pablo
    Pablo at |

    My Optimus didn’t have the Advance Wi-Fi Configuration so I couldn’t change the settings, but your program fixed it, thanks! If I don’t enable any workarounds, the program should work like the stock configuration, right?

  27. ThyMaster
    ThyMaster at |

    Hi, I would love to be able to use this program also via Locale.
    Create a condition in Locale that WiFI is always on when at home WLAN.
    There is already an app that does exactly that but it stopped working with Froyo and has never been updated since 2009. Would be great if your program could fill this gap!


  28. Mark Field
    Mark Field at |

    Works perfectly on Optus ZTE V9. I tried many others and this is only one that works as it is intended. Best wifi keep-alive app out there!

  29. uday kuwar
    uday kuwar at |

    I used your app. despite keeping on wifi never sleep &turning on option 3&4 in advance setting wifi turns off when idle .I use galaxy s gingerbread 2.3.3.please help me. I have wifi connection at home but I can’t use it fully because of this issue.

  30. mm
    mm at |

    Hi Shantanu,
    I have a samsung galaxy s2 just a couple of days old with factory settings not rooted , I tried many workaround apps since yesterday wififixer,wififixerfree,Advanced wifi lock, blade wifi fix, wifi static,fxr wifi fix and rescue and now your app wi-fi keep alive.

    I’m using speedtest.net app to test the connection. Yesterday I was able to get some success with wifi static and Advanced wifi lock together. Speedtest showing speeds of DN:5622kbps UP:9356 PING:34ms

    But today again I was facing the same issue of network connection getting lost.
    So I uninstalled wifi static, downloaded your app enabled work around 3 and 4 , and kept wifi lock as it is.
    Again first time it worked for good speeds in speedtest. but second time speed test reported network connection issues.

    So next i uninstalled wifi lock and enabled all your work arounds. but still I have the same problem speedtest reports network connection issues.

    I’ve turned on the log. Please let me know where to find the log so that i can send it to you if you need to take a look at it.


  31. EHSIII
    EHSIII at |

    So far seems to work … this is such a issue ..seems I am always struggling to find something to keep wifi alive..

    Can you tell me where to find the log file

    Thanks for the app


  32. Dinko
    Dinko at |

    SE Xperia mini pro sk17i tried everything his is my last resort.

    If anyone knows please help (what workaround if default setting not working) ?

    Thank You

  33. Nishant
    Nishant at |

    I accidently deleted logcat once and now the app isn’t creating any logs eventhough i hv reinstaled the app

  34. AngelRicardo
    AngelRicardo at |

    HTC Desire froyo2.2
    None of workarounds make it work, have an update for this?

    When screen goes off the WiFi also I notice it because i like on-line radio and it doesnt play when screen goes off. Pleasse help

  35. dominic gill
    dominic gill at |

    Nothing I do achieves uninstall.
    Please help!
    Razr- running 4.2.1

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