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    fuck you shanti. 😛

  2. danieleran
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    My site uses WordPress, which automatically approves comments from people who have already posted (and sometimes automatically approves comments from new users), but seems to randomly hold certain comments in moderation when they are either a) from a new account, b) contain hyperlinks, c) are from a suspected spammer in the Askimet blacklist, d) are excessively long. There may be some other criteria that causes certain comments to be held in moderation.

    That’s why your single comment was held up while others were posted. It’s not selective on my part. If you look at my site, you’ll seen plenty of hate/troll/snarks and even some well reasoned disagreement.

    It’s too bad your posting above fails to articulate any particular problem you had, and simply goes on and on with hyperbole about what a terrible person I am. I’d be more interested in your actual views about iPhones and Android than your ability to spend several paragraphs saying nothing at all.

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