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  1. Android 2.2 Aka Froyo : Initial Impressions and Visual Tour - Erodov Forums

    […] and their workarounds, and features that were rumored but didn't come etc).. Here is the link: Android Froyo And Nexus One: Everything We Know Mods, I'm not sure if it is ok to post the link. If it is deemed not ok, please feel free to […]

  2. sach
    sach at |

    Do the capacitive buttons turn off when in the desk dock or the clock mode is running?

  3. Android 2.2 Froyo brings Flash support, portable hotspot, speed improvements « Technoholik

    […] 2: Shantanu Goel has been testing and recording all the features of Froyo on his Nexus One, tabulating things that work, things that don’t and […]

  4. snotf
    snotf at |

    great writeup! i’ve had a db gain of about 10 w the new radio. it seems to be different user exp phone to phone.

  5. Hugo
    Hugo at |

    “Stream music from PC to phone”
    “Purchase music/apps on android market and push directly to device Over The Air”
    — I’m pretty sure both these features were for a future version of Android after Froyo. Certainly the different Music app interface that was demoed in the keynote is not present in Froyo.

  6. Darren
    Darren at |

    I noticed that Google Talk app no longer has settings for the refresh interval (the shortest was a brutally long 5 minutes); I’m assuming that Google Talk app uses the c2dm stuff now.

  7. Marc
    Marc at |

    I wonder if a section listing things we lost would be appropriate. I did notice that the .com button was now missing from the keyboard.

  8. Jahmon
    Jahmon at |

    Thanks for the list !

    Very informative

  9. jjkemp
    jjkemp at |

    About better exchange support. I agree on “not upto the mark” – the feature I miss most is ability to search for contacts phone numbers…

  10. rich
    rich at |

    On the list of things fixed is the BT handsfree phone issue. (Some cars have BT phone capability. When you start the car, if the phone has been paired with it, and on and BT enabled, it connects automatically to the car, downloads the address book, and from then behaves as you would expect a handsfree phone to).

    Problem with Nexus 1 is that it does not work with many cars

    Froyo is supposed to “provide greater compatibility for BT car kits”.

    Anyoue any experience here?

  11. Aman Gupta
    Aman Gupta at |

    Another thing fixed – if you are watching a youtube video, and switch to a different app/home screen, the video is paused at its location. Earlier, if you switched back to youtube, you would see the screen with the list of videos.

  12. dd
    dd at |

    +1 on this. Wish the .com button wasn’t removed.

  13. MK
    MK at |

    Hey, Shantanu…great info here! I still don’t seem to have any luck sending/receiving vCards on my Nexus One (running Froyo). Any tips?

  14. tony
    tony at |

    How do we change the trakball light color when there is a notification??

  15. Pavel
    Pavel at |


    I don’t understand how wi-fi become ‘n’ without hardware update ?
    Thank you


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