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  1. How to connect Beam cable Broadband to a wireless router

    […] their login process to create a way to easily and automatically do the login Read about it here: Automatic Login With Beam Cable Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread « connection sharing […]

  2. Kamal
    Kamal at |

    Hi ,
    Good Tut there.
    I need some help with Windows bat file.
    can u post some script with which ,there is a time delay for the auto login.And also the query thing that u were refering to.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Beam Cable Automatic Login - Rajib's Blog

    […] I came across an article in ‘Shantanu’s Technopilic Musings‘ where he has done sufficient R&D to determine the Beam Cable login mechanism and […]

  4. moinkhan
    moinkhan at |

    our internet not working last 15 days pls solve my problum

  5. Theone
    Theone at |

    Well thats a good tutorial but do u know how to hack beam broadband so that they cant make note of how much usage is. With that we can skip the Fair usage policy as well.

  6. Vardhan
    Vardhan at |

    http:// is for telling everyone on the LAN your password and username … did you try https:// also ?

  7. Ranjhith
    Ranjhith at |

    Me using the script. 🙂 Thanks.

  8. Madhu Salla Reddy
    Madhu Salla Reddy at |

    Guys , i have been strugling with the beam tele logout issues as i use their internet in my office. There is a very very simple way to do this. You do not need a browser to use the username password. Just setup your router to PPoE instead of DHCP. enter the username and password in the PPoE settings and that is it !!! you will never need to login from your PC again. works great !

  9. Madhu Salla Reddy
    Madhu Salla Reddy at |

    Automatic login for Beam tele (auto logout problem solved)
    Guys , i have been strugling with the beam tele logout issues as i use their internet in my office. There is a very very simple way to do this. You do not need a browser to use the username password. Just setup your router to PPoE instead of DHCP. enter the username and password in the PPoE settings and that is it !!! you will never need to login from your PC again. works great !

  10. Raghu
    Raghu at |

    I am using dd-wrt which users busybox so i cant get the wget –post-data to work can you point out at any other alternatives available

  11. Alex
    Alex at |

    Can someone be stealing by internet by splicing my cable? Is such a thing possible?
    Cause I’m getting a speed of 5.7D/5.5U Mbps but my latency varies from time to time.

    Thanks for the reply on the PS3 PPoE situation. When I get the PPoE working I’m getting less ping times in games and with the JAVA logon I experience some jitter.

  12. Alex
    Alex at |

    Well that’s a relief! But it still does not explain the jitter? 2ms? How do I check for EMD?

  13. Doug
    Doug at |

    Beam tech support came by and was useless as always, so I decided to take things into my own hands. After checking every setting I can think of on my router, I’m stumped.

    I don’t mind having to login through a browser, but the main problem is every time I login with one device, then my other device is logged out. I can’t seem to have more than one device connected to net at the same time… there has to be a way right? I’m using Mac’s Airport Router, and running all Mac devices.

    Any advice? Anyone?

  14. Masula
    Masula at |

    Just use PPPoE login option on the router with your beam login and password and if there is a option select keep connection alive. This should work. I have been using it and works.

  15. Doug
    Doug at |

    Thanks, I had tried the PPPoE thing but didn’t seem to work with my apple airport router. I just ended up forking over the 2G rupees for a linksys router – hooked it up, and was up and running great in no time. Hoped to save the cash, but didn’t see any better option.

  16. Sripathi
    Sripathi at |

    I want to try this with Tikona service. I have the url for Tikona, but how do i know the post data details?

    This is how the User id and password form looks like on the login page:

    User Name


    Remember me

  17. jyothi
    jyothi at |

    My laptop has some problem and couldn’t detect the beam cable.When the technician came, he asked me to use external USB lan, but still the problem not resolved. the problem seems to be with OS which is windows 7. Can anyone tell me how to rectify this problem? thanks in advance!!!

  18. John
    John at |

    Hello Shantanu,

    i too have a ASUS RT-N13U Router with me and am using Beam Cable 4 Mbps, could you please help me configure ASUS router, i tried configuring it but i am not able to connect to internet, i would be thankful if you could help me configure the router.

  19. Santosh paramkhusham
    Santosh paramkhusham at |

    hi all, call/email me for personal troubleshooting. i wont charge you for any enquires. im based in secbad chenoy trade.


  20. Beelzibub
    Beelzibub at |

    Nicely written article :)..
    As someone mentioned in the comments , Wont it be insecure to send the username/password over plain http? can this password/username cause any damage (via malicious activity?) …

  21. Power
    Power at |

    Thanks boss, it work gr8

  22. Mounika
    Mounika at |

    Hi, one of my friends have a beam broadband connection and she got a job in delhi. She took a half yearly package before 3 months and its the 4th month.
    But she did a silly thing before leaving she changed the password and kept something blah blah blah and she doesn’t know the password and even i. How to recover it. Can any one help me please. Thanks for the one who can help me. Thank You!!!

  23. samanth
    samanth at |

    can u provide tricks to increase speed on new beam telecom portal ?

  24. samanth
    samanth at |

    can u provide tricks to increase speed on new beam telecom portal ???

  25. Wifi Setup for beam - Page 2
    Wifi Setup for beam - Page 2 at |

    […] these methods has been explained by Rajib Ghosh & Shantanu Goel in their blogs .:: Important information : Beware of Aircel ::. | My Flickr | […]

  26. Kumar
    Kumar at |


    How should I find if my Router supports manual script installation? I use a Netgear N150 Wireless Router and I configured it for Windows XP system along with a Beam Cable internet connection. I want to connect my iPod without connecting to the internet from my computer. Is it possible on this router? I guess not!

  27. raj
    raj at |


    Can you write a script for Auto login from Linksys router having TOMATO FIRMWARE.

    Thanks in advance.

  28. raj
    raj at |

    Can you write auto login script for router having Tomato firmware. thanks in advance.

  29. raj
    raj at |

    Can you post a auto login script for router having Tomato firmware 1.21

  30. rm
    rm at |

    Hi, Can you make a script for reliance broadband auto web login for router linksys wrt54g flashed with tomato firmware.

  31. Vishal
    Vishal at |

    Hi Shantanu,

    Thanks so much for this solution. It’s been a year since this was published, does it still work?
    I am extremely ticked off with Beam b/c they promised that adding router would allow for automatic login. I use the router to hook up a LAN based VoIP phone…and b/c there is no comp in the picture, Beam is more or less useless. Right now I have a Belkin N150 router and Belkin G adsl router. Dont think I could use ur technique with the N150. Could a suggest a reasonably (read:the least) priced router with which we can use your technique?

    Many thanks,

  32. maaz
    maaz at |

    Not working for me.. Help please..

  33. Victim
    Victim at |

    “Ticket No’s:4920881
    4920881… Have called more than 10 times but no new tickets were raised but was given SLA of 1 hour 2 hours 24 hours sometimes since the past three days but issue is still not resolved. Spoke to Sai Kiran floor manager after being on the phone for more than 1 hour who said he was not aware if he can resolve issue and would confirm and call back in two hours at 10PM. At 12 PM when I called I got to know that customer care is closed. All the reps have been lying that it will get resolved.

    Made payment of Rs.2300 Beam A/c No.319130 on 21st April 2011 after the accounts departement conformed that service will be reactivated within 2 hours. My account has been suspended since 4th Aril due to non payment. No payment was made as there was a sudden bill of 3 months and installaion put together. The account has been in suspended status since 4th April and I have not used the internet since then but Beam wants me to pay more 1000 for this month when I havent used. Well they charge prepaid and now they are stealing and not only that they are lying as from the customer care Rizwan, Srinivas, Kiran… collection agent Sangarsh to the accounts department lady all of them have said that the payment was made and service would be reactivated.

    Infact Beam called me up and said that I should continue with them but I wanted to settle the account. I have not been able to use the Internet for days and have suffered losses and want to claim damages also more importantly need my Internet connection right away.

  34. Alex
    Alex at |

    I can’t use Ciso VPN Client with BEAM. Even through IE, I can’t access the line.

  35. reddy
    reddy at |

    i am having a net cafe at my home we are using same network provider beam cable if i know login details i can use it at night time how to know

  36. reddy
    reddy at |

    i am logged in to a network with id password and want to know my network logged in id password details after logging in…… where can i find it plzzz help me

  37. sandeep
    sandeep at |

    i’m not getting the speed of 3mbps

  38. Johnson
    Johnson at |

    Dear Shantanu,
    Thanks for the tut. I have another question related to beamtele. I tried to connect to my home PC which is connected to beamtele, from my office PC by ssh. Both are running fedora. I find that all the ports on the beam connection are blocked, including 21 & 22. I tried to get the customer-support for opening the ports on the router which they installed somewhere in the apartment where I live, but no one in beamtele seemed to understand what I am talking about. I am sure they have network experts, but their time is too valuable to spend on customers.
    Is there a was we can access the router? I could not connect through “”

    Thanks for any advise

  39. sreenivas
    sreenivas at |


    I have a peculiar problem with beam tele intenet. the wireless works fine and then suddenly the router shows amber light and internet stops working. However if I plug the cable directly to my laptop internet works. Then next day morning the signal on router gets green and everything is back to normal. Beam technicians are not able to figure out anything. Any insights will be appreciates

  40. sameer
    sameer at |

    can any one please let me know step by step how to connect wireless N 150 D Link router Dir 600L. thanks

  41. sameer
    sameer at |

    can you please let me know how to connect Dlink N150 router Dir 600L to beam cable

  42. dedeep
    dedeep at |

    hi this is dedeep. i ve got a problem regarding my portal.beamtele.com.
    The page of my portal.beamtele.com cant be loaded in my lappy when it was logged off..
    It loads in other laptops or in my mobile and i used to login through them.
    portal site in my laptop opens only if it is logged in..but the other laptops r not facing this kind of problem in my home..

    Kindly solve this prb for me

  43. Krishnakanth
    Krishnakanth at |

    what if i have shared my id and password with another beam connected system with more bandwidth, it may lead to swap of bandwidth with another or what please suggest me with best possible answer. As of now i’m experiencing the problems are :
    1. once i login if i want to logout, and again if i login it display login failed

  44. Abhilash
    Abhilash at |

    thanks for the code…it’s awesome..worked perfectly for my dd-wrt router..somebody here commented that we cant post wget command in the router….u have to go to the administration page and in that…go to commands page…then paste the above commands replacing the username n password with urs….then…i pressed save custom script…and save startup…and now the process is automatic..works like a charm on every reboot…cheers!!!!

  45. Abhilash
    Abhilash at |

    one more suggestion for people here…if possible…use dd-wrt firmware if your router supports it…go to dd-wrt website…there is a huge list of supported routers and step by step details on how to upload the firmware…it unlocks the true potentional of ur router…

  46. Das
    Das at |

    Question: Whenever I lost power in my house, the router get rebooted. Router is set to PPPoE with Beamtele. After the reboot, router can not connect to the beamtele. It gets an error saying “can not get IP from PPPoE server” Any help how to resolve the issue.

  47. pranav
    pranav at |

    i tried saving script,custom and startup in my ddwrt router,…..tp-link wr740n,……but auto login is not working for the code above,….help me with this……………………#!/bin/sh

    if [ -e Ajax.php ]
    rm Ajax.php
    …………………………………so on……………………………….

    should i change the code or else what to do.,to make it work.,wget script works fine but with the linux custom ddwrt router is not starting up auto login,………help me coders………………

  48. pranav
    pranav at |

    it wont support ppoe connection dhcp only,….ppoe works randomly…. 1user at atime,….other device gets beam login page,….if you login there,…1st get logoff…..heck with beam,…only solution is run the code auto on startup of system or run script in the router,….ddwrt flashed router,…..but you need a proper code for wget to work…………….code above is not full for latest ddwrt build,….need some help from coders………………so power off gives that error…..its dynamic,…when you are down,someone gets that ip…so no ip from ppoe server,…..change to dynamic,……dhcp

  49. tanish
    tanish at |

    i want fast speed login id and password of beam please

  50. Nahom
    Nahom at |

    Very good article. Has anyone tried this on ASUS RT-N13U.B1 with the latest dd-wrt firmware? I was able to get this working last year but ever since the upgrade, the auto login broke. Thanks.

  51. anant
    anant at |

    Excellent post. Thanks very much for sharing it!

  52. sameer
    sameer at |

    I have a netgear router wg614. I configured it to use with beam. I have to login everytime to use internet. Can you help me autologin from my netgear router please?

  53. sushant
    sushant at |

    Hi Shantanu,

    I have netgear router and Tikona connection. can i set the login user id and password somewhere in router so that it automatically setup connection and the devices attached to the wi fi router gets internet connection without logging into the tikona login page?

    tikona connection has web login interface and we need to enter our login account and password to browse internet.
    Please help me


  54. Nithin Kotekar
    Nithin Kotekar at |

    I used have an asus router wherin , I dont remmber what i configured probally ppoe for beam that I never had to login.
    but now I use apple express, and have to configure this everytime.
    Do you have some scripts for this .. 🙂

  55. Raghav
    Raghav at |


    I have beam tele connection and I use Router. while switching over to cable from Router during power cuts, my windows system got crashed today, And it erased my bitLocker key. I got to struggle to explain the things the problem to beamtele tech support / admin.

    Usually I got to reboot the (office) system every time to get the beamtele login page as it hungs every time.

    They only claim that it is not their issue. Any faulty connection? How to explain this?

  56. ketal
    ketal at |

    Hello Friends,

    I discovered an android app called Beam Auto Login which will automatically login to beam portal.
    I thought I will share with everyone..

    Download automatic login app from Google play store,


  57. Santosh
    Santosh at |

    I was not knowing till today that Beam supports PPPoE logins. Today, I was logged out of BeamTele but was playing with my NetGear router settings. It detected connected as PPPoE and asked my credentials, and then it worked after that.

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