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  1. D.A
    D.A at |

    i liked ur old blog more…made more sense to me. 😛

  2. Gragus
    Gragus at |

    It’s a really cool tool. However, have you considered saving those few hours and using something out-of-the-box? For instance, LiveGraph (http :// www DOT live-graph DOT org) is open source, has a BSD-style license and is cross-platform.

  3. Noclegi
    Noclegi at |

    Hey D.A
    i also liked the old one. But give them more time

  4. Gragus
    Gragus at |

    Year, I see. LiveGraph does not need to be installed either, it’s just an archive that you need to unzip, but it needs Java to be installed. Generally, I think, GNUPlot is much more powerful when you want to customise your plot, but LiveGraph is better suited for real time data viewing and automatic layout. The few options that are included are easier to use, LiveGraph and GNUPlot kinda have two different use cases and it depends on what you need.

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