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  1. prashant
    prashant at |

    dude i have used tail for ages but never noticed what just explained , as i never modified a file being monitored.I mainly used it for monitoring debug logs from app server i am working on. But thanks for the headsup, now that u have explained it my hairs are safe now .. 😛

  2. jco
    jco at |

    See also perl’s File:Tail module for added flexibility.

    JMTC, jco

  3. Sébastien Carrillo
    Sébastien Carrillo at |

    You can also use the psionic logtail : “ASCII file tail program that remembers last position”

  4. Greg Allt
    Greg Allt at |

    what about less +F filename

    I tried this with you test and received the appropriate result. As text was added to the file, it was echoed in the less statement.

    less +F keeps the file open and prints lines as they are added.

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