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  1. zman58
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    You are on the leading edge and you are on Kubuntu. I would not expect flawless behavior in this case. Stick with LTS (8.04 for now) if stability is your desire. Use the latest 9.10 only for testing and to experience new features.
    I have been using the most current Ubuntu 9.10 on several systems for some time now, not KUbuntu. Ubuntu 9.10 has been working flawlessly for me both on desktop systems and laptop systems. Network manager under Gnome has not failed on me even once and I have used it for network switching between wired and wireless on live systems. Multi-boot has been working well also.

    Perhaps try Ubuntu 9.10 (Gnome) and you may find that your problems vanish. Add any of the KDE apps you want to use on top of that. Leave the K Desktop out of the picture for now, at least until you get back to a LTS stable release level. How’s that for a plan?

  2. Mr. Pink
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    I dual boot my system along with Win XP (Needed for some office work)
    Well, as long as you’re being apologetic about it Linux gestapo is gonna let you slide this time.

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  4. sims
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    Ummm, you just need to chroot and then install grub or lilo. Reinstalling the entire OS was a sort of… ummm well… I guess it’s like a MS Windows reflex:
    1. reboot
    2. reinstall

    2 lockups man? How about doing all config via text files. That’s considered the norm where I come from. Anything else with a GUI and you should consider yourself lucky. 😛 I’m no Linux evangelist. If you want point and click and tech support, stick with MS and Apple. Google seems to be headed there too.

    Good luck!

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