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  1. edwin
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    This comes in handy !!
    I own the same router over here.

    And as i do love this “feature” i discarded it totally. and setup a old workstation as a server. with some harddrives now acting as a NAS.

    But.,. thank you for your advise

  2. Setting up Asus WL-520gU - Page 3 - Networking | TechEnclave

    […] Originally Posted by harley02 Hi guys, All problems solved and everything seems to be working fine. One last doubt…..what is the procedure to turn off the HDD and router? Should i stop all services running and then switch off the HDD (i have an off button on my HDD case) and then turn off the router or VICE VERSA? I don't want to simply unplug the power to the router. Is there any easy way to make sure the hard drive is safe to unplug? Thanks for your help. -harley Do not turn off the power to the router directly.. I have created a method to safely shutdown the router so that there is no adverse effect on the connected discs. Read about it here Easiest Way to Shutdown Asus WL-500W | Shantanu's Technophilic Musings […]

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