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  1. Dheeraj
    Dheeraj at |

    It seems to me that 800VA != 800W,because there should be Power factor taken into account,which is generally 70-80%(0.7-0.8).So formaula to convert it into Watts would be something like

    V*A*(power factor)=800*0.8=640 W.Now if your PS3 requires upto 350 W.And its working when you applied more load.I would guess that UPS is considering your PS3 load as “NO-Load” condition.No-load thresold is generally defined by manufactureres.There could be two solutions
    1.As you already did,Increase the load
    2.adjust the UPS “load load” circuit sensitivity so that no-load thresold is decreased.Regarding this you should ask Microtek.


  2. suraj
    suraj at |

    same problem here ,but with my pc with 650w smps

    when playing games pc shuts down when no power

    i dont know what to do . i got a replacement ups after so many arguments from microtek still the problem remains . There is a hissing noise from the transformer and the system shuts down I have the same Microtek 800VA UPS
    I think it is its inherent problem this model

    ..if anybody can help please…

  3. Kunal Moitra
    Kunal Moitra at |

    Dude , Shanti .. i got the same UPS :wallbash: should have read your blog before 🙁

    my setup = PS3 + HDTV to the UPS during backup the HDTV restarts 🙁

    that idiot service guy tells me that UPS’s are meant for computers not for I have got it for .

    now WTF what sort of a reason is that :loco:

  4. Kunal Moitra
    Kunal Moitra at |

    (during backup) PS3 is on working gr8 , TV restarts and works fine there on. my only concern is that stupid restart in the TV which want to get ridd of … TV load = 200watts PS3 load = :unsure:

    load capacity of UPS in watts = :unsure:

    however the TV does not restart during backup when the PS3 is not running , so i assume it has something to do with the load on the UPS and tripping of the TV :scratchchin:

  5. S.P. Dimri.
    S.P. Dimri. at |

    My son has purchase a 600VA UPS producing trable

  6. S.P.Dimri
    S.P.Dimri at |

    My son has purchase a microtek UPS 800 at Vir Shavarkar block shakarpur, Delhi but it not working upto mark. As light goes the UPS did not go off automatically after 30 seconds and hapen other good quality UPS.

    I have registred a complaint on line with address and mobile no but more than two months has elpsed but no one turn up or any communication from this good company. So I think the UPS system is not upto quality only taking advantages of Inverters. Will any one in microtek is monitoring such complaints. I hope.

    S.P. Dimri,
    Sector 4A/1155,

    Moblie No. 9717245246 and

  7. shyam
    shyam at |

    I purchased ups 1000EB(microtek)2 months before.
    problem no-1.when supply cutoff ups supply on,table fan run with loud noise.
    2.a parallel line appearing on tv screen goes down to upward.
    what are the reasons? and give me a solutions to solve this problems.(we are having other coy ups very good wkg condition)

  8. deepti
    deepti at |

    i have purchased a ups before 8 days .the problem is that if light is off then ups is not working and my pc is also direct off.my cpu is 230v so please solve the problem

  9. sabu
    sabu at |

    low battery bleep sound but battery new

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