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  1. Ankur Banerjee
    Ankur Banerjee at |

    The situation is worse than that. If you check release notes then you’ll see that there are performance regressions for even Intel graphics cards. I went ahead with the upgrade anyway, thinking it won’t be a big deal. I couldn’t enable Compiz – the 965GM card I have has been blacklisted from enabling Compiz for this release. You know what sucks? All that tom-tomming of how bad binary blobs are because they can’t solve hardware issues is balls. Let ’em try and say that now for the Intel drivers. I can’t even scroll down in a long web page or document with the screen flickering! It’s this goddamned penchant for a six month release cycle which has done them in. The world wouldn’t have ended if they made it 9.05 / 9.06 instead of 9.04. Integrated graphic cards are a large part of the market, and they shouldn’t have gone ahead with a release when they _knew_ it wasn’t working properly.

    I think I’ll write a post on this. In detail. With screen recordings that I have.

  2. Ashfame
    Ashfame at |

    I am glad that I own a ATI HD 4850. It should work fine. I will try it very soon.

  3. N'ko
    N'ko at |

    I have a ATI Mobility Radeon in a HP NC6000, I have upgraded to Jaunty and it is using the open source drivers and the 3D support is great!! Compiz works fine even with this 32meg video ram card! So make sure you got your facts straight, their is 3D support in the open source ATI driver.

  4. N'ko
    N'ko at |

    Sorry, I didn’t mention that it is a ATI 9600 Radeon Mobility integrated card.

  5. Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor at |

    I am in on the bug reports for this and we when a person asked would it not be wise to hold back the version of the Xorg version – the response was ‘ROFL’ (or something of that nature) and when asked why it was so he explained binary incompatibility not why the server couldn’t be held back for a stable version. The open source drivers run Kwin fine if you change to the UXA (or was it XAA, I forget) acceleration from the EXA (broken/underdeveloped choice by Ubuntu) type but unfortunately the Kernel that is used crashes occasionally (Lack of testing I presume) however downgrading that resolves that problem.

    Normally its the packaging of the Kubuntu desktop that causes my problems but now its the core.

  6. Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor at |

    Your problem: #284408

    Kernel Freeze: #348332
    ATI driver not working well with QT: #350120

    That should be the graphics problems covered however we must remember that the only permanent solution is to get the open drivers in to a decent state (Log bugs/Upvote them) (or you could get a new machine, unfortunately for multiple reasons I won’t for at least a year)

  7. Azrael
    Azrael at |

    “The open source graphics drivers for ATI do not have 3D support ”
    That’s not true.
    I have a Radeon 200m and I have 3D using the open driver.

  8. Fubar
    Fubar at |

    Yet another example of how hopeless ATI are when it comes to drivers. Buy intel or nvidia, _especially_ if you run linux!

  9. sherbyx
    sherbyx at |

    I have Radeon 200m and believe me that if you have this chipset you probably don’t use 3D applications.

    I’ve done a test on ubuntu 8.10 and DRI was 15% faster in GtkPerf than FGLRX. Evidently it was 100% slower on a 3D test.

    As I know the support for older chipsets can be found in a legacy driver so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  10. kb0hae
    kb0hae at |

    I have a better reason for not installing Ububti. It would be a downgrade for me as I already use something better…sidux! sidux is a bleeding edge distro that is not for everyone, but it beats Ubuntu for me any day!

  11. GNUguy
    GNUguy at |

    kbohae, I’m with you re sidux. I’ve been using it for over a year on this Dell Inspiron 1501 and it’s been a very pleasant experience. I also encourage people to go to sidux. It blows the doors off any *buntu distro.

  12. Donnie
    Donnie at |

    Actually, this is also true of older nVidia cards. I have an IBM Intellistation with an older nVidia Quadro card. The proprietary drivers for Hardy Heron work with it fine, but not the ones for Intrepid Ibex. (I assume that the Jaunty Jackelope ones won’t work, either.)

  13. nogg321
    nogg321 at |

    There is also a problem with wifi cards of various sorts causing random freezes with caps lock and scroll lock freezing – works fine on virtualbox with eth0 passing to wlan0 gw 520+
    but always freezes when run with wlan0 gw520+ direct

  14. Florian
    Florian at |

    I upgraded, too. Darn. But it made me finally make the move to Arch Linux. Still a few things are a pain in the arse, but generally I love it.

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  16. kendon
    kendon at |

    interesting that you mention the xpress 200m. i have an hp laptop with that graphics chip, installed jaunty the day they released it. graphics work fine so far, some minor bugs, but nothing worse than i had with the fglrx in older versions. and i didn’t have to install fglrx at all, i have all the compiz effects working fine with the open source driver! everything worked out of the box, i was very pleased after installing jaunty.

  17. Honey Singh
    Honey Singh at |

    My 8.10 update leads to a big fail in X-sever.
    Ubuntu Studio is complete dump and x-server crashes all the time.I think i need to update or downgrade to 8.04. 😛

  18. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Running Jaunty on a Dell Inspiron 1501 with the xpress 200m and the radeon driver, I am getting hard crashes when trying to run CoolIris. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

  19. Steve A
    Steve A at |

    I had just downloaded Ubuntu 8.10 4 days before the wide release of 9.04 and had never used a Linux based system in my life. Loved 8.10 and was getting used to it,but I made the mistake of upgrading to Jaunty. My Itel Graphics card doesn’t work with it so I went out and got a nividia graphiics card and it still doesn’t work in Full Screen. Downloaded 2.6.30 Kernel and it worked better but it wouldn’t let my update manager work anymore. Ive thrown in the towel finally after 3 weeks. Found out that the Ubuntu Developers knew about this problem one year ago and they still released this horrible operating system. I hate to say it but the Idiots at Ubuntu make the knuckelheads at MS look like Geniuses. I will never use another Linux based system again with moron developers running their show. Horrible developers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mads
    mads at |

    now i know why my update backfired – no graphics, just colourful streaks on the screen and then system hangs. tried an upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04. i am using an old ati 9800 card. i would have expected the system to do a check first, whether the hardware is supported and then do the install. not a highlight for ubuntu!

  21. kraby
    kraby at |

    Yep same thing with me trying to upgrade just streaks/noise on the screen and then it hangs. Tried “recovery mode” and reconfigure and still doesn’t work. ATI 4850 video card so it isn’t old.

  22. kraby
    kraby at |

    Oops meant 4750…

  23. kraby
    kraby at |

    okay too early for me I was right the first time it is a ATI 4850. Also the wireless doesn’t work. Glad I don’t use Ubuntu on this system for anything I need. This kind of stuff is what give Linux a bad name – don’t get me wrong I love Linux but it isn’t ready for non-technical users on desktop.

  24. Antero
    Antero at |

    Isn’t Ubuntu supposed to be for human beings in general, not only übergeeks who can use some fantastic apt-tweak spell to make their Ubuntu 9.04 use xorg 1.5.

    This move to xorg 1.6 in the absence of practical 3D drivers for millions of laptop owners might have been comprehensible in Gentoo but come on – not in Ubuntu. Hope the next stable version is going to ship with xorg 1.5 or Mark can convince Dirk to release an fglrx driver for xorg 1.6 that supports at least the same cards as the version 9.3 fglrx driver does.

  25. Brad
    Brad at |

    Been using linux for over 10 years, but never on the desktop until now, and never with X until now.

    Had a working Intrepid installation, upgraded to Jaunty, and it borked fubar.

    Ended up resinstalling from scratch. :-/

  26. mads
    mads at |

    did the same – clean install works like a charm. wonder what bugged the upgrade.

  27. alper
    alper at |

    I had a clean install of Jaunty, everything was working fine (I have Intel graphics) until update manager told me that there’s update for xserver-xorg-video-intel and libdrm-intel1 packages. Now, the system freezes randomly. It’s kind of annoying.. Ubuntu is definitely not ready for masses..

  28. oneafrikan
    oneafrikan at |

    hey peeps,

    has anyone experienced alt-tab and ctrl-alt left/right (workspace switching) not working since doing the upgrade to Jaunty?

    Additionally, when I boot I don’t have any windows (all start top left without windows) so I have to set “visual effects” to “normal” every time I boot… which is going to get frustrating! 😉

    Any ideas?

  29. johny
    johny at |

    Yeah, i own a ATI HD 4850 too. I’ll try it.

  30. zeusz4u
    zeusz4u at |

    Not all Intek Graphics Cards hev 3D acceleration under Ubuntu (or any other linux distro)!! I have a few friends with inegrated Intel Graphics chipsets on their laptop, and none of them could solve the driver problem, so they’re unable to play 3D games, or even to run Compiz on Ubuntu. Neither the restricted drivers manager can find any closed-source Intel drivers. I have an ATI Xpress 1150 too, but i haven’t tested it on ubuntu 9.04 yet, but i suppose it won’t have 3D support. In fact my Xpress card uses the Xpress 200 driver (but i have no full 3D support, my screen blinks sometimes, and using this dirver i can’t come back from suspend mode) but the MESA drivers won’t work 🙁 If i knew that these Ati cards have no linux support i wouldn’t have bought it!!

  31. zeusz4u
    zeusz4u at |

    Ubuntu Studio will always be a “dump”. It’s the worst *buntu ever made, those open-source apllications are very bad. I think they made this release just to “try” to convince people (who otherwise probably use Adobe applications at work) to use open-source software. The only one open-source Adobe-like software which I think it’s great, is GIMP, the others are bullshit. On the other hand Ubuntu Studio is full of freaky programmes you will never use. It’d be better even for Adobe to make versions of their software for linux systems.

  32. zeusz4u
    zeusz4u at |

    Anyone knows about OpenSUSE? Are they moving to Xorg 1.6 too in their new 11.2 version? If not, i’m going to use suse instead of Ubuntu. I’m a former suse user, but after the release of 11.0 I was really diapointted, it was full of bugs, so I tried Ubuntu which semmed OK. I don’t think ati will change their mind and release Xorg 1.6 drivers for older cards. So i’ll have to change to other linux distro because of my ATI XPress 1150. Ubuntu 8.10 will get updates only for about a year. I’ve been using ubuntu for about a year now. 8.04 had some problems on my Inspiron 1501, but Intrepid works fine (even if it freezes sometimes because of those Proprietary ATI drivers).

  33. joe
    joe at |

    I do not agree with you. Open source driver is better than ATI proprietary driver in 3D performance.

    I have a Radeon mobility 9600 (R300) in my ASUS m6n laptop. Since ATI dropped support for my graphics card, I thought it is reasonable to go back to Ubuntu 8.10, but I was wrong.

    I first installed 8.10, and activated the “looked forward” official ATI proprietary driver. Tested glxgears, 18xx FPS.

    Later, I read online about adding parameters to the open source driver to make my 9600 run smoother. So I upgraded to 9.04 through package management. Tested glxgears, 18xx fps. As good as the proprietary driver?? Then I added those parameters into xorg.conf. Tested glxgears, 26xx – 27xx fps.

    Wow, that’s great! What if I add those parameters to the proprietary driver? There could be a speed boost!

    In fact, I was wrong. I re-installed 8.10, used the proprietary driver and added those parameters. Tested glxgears, 18xx fps. Big disappointment.

    So I ended up using 9.04 with the open source driver with modified parameters in xorg.conf. My conclusion is open source driver beats ATI proprietary drive, and ditch ATI cards in the future if I want to play with linux, cause ATI doesn’t support their cards for very long.

    Somebody might argue glxgears is not a good 3D benchmark. Of course it is not if you have firefox and other windows opened, and have your mouse courser moving around all the time. Just run glxgears right after login without opening any other windows, and do not touch anything until the benchmark shows up. With the same environment, the FPS will give you the performance differences.

  34. marino
    marino at |

    joe, I also have radeon mobile 9600 (albeit R350) – what parameters did you use for the open source radeon driver??

  35. joe
    joe at |


    There’s a thread about it.

    The parameters under Device section of xorg.conf are:

    Option “AccelDFS” “on”
    Option “AccelMethod” “XAA”
    Option “MigrationHeuristic” “smart” # “greedy” works well also
    Option “EnablePageFlip” “on”
    Option “EnableDepthMoves” “on”
    Option “ColorTiling” “on”
    Option “FBTexPercent” “0”
    Option “RenderAccel” “on”

  36. Dr. Poundsign
    Dr. Poundsign at |

    I FINALLY got it to boot on my five year old vaio so it doesn’t have to spin from the disk (the infamous Grub 15 error). But I do not really understand how anything works.

    1. Can you mount drivers without going to package manager?

    2. how DO you go to package manager??

    3. I downloaded opera browser but cannot find it. How do I put it on my desktop?

    4. If I was feeling reckless how do I get the command line?

    5. Any books I should be reading? “Linux in a Nutshell?”

    I am a well to do professional may be willing to pay for tech support.


  37. Mihai Secasiu
    Mihai Secasiu at |

    I had this problem too but it seems that the open source driver really works.
    I don’t really need 3d but the defualt driver didn’t support a good resolution. The open source driver just works for that. Compiz also works but I don’t care much about it.
    I have a radeon Xpress 200M

  38. jjoel
    jjoel at |

    That’s all and well if you exclusively use graphics software, but what if you are using it to record audio. Ardour and Jack are excellent pieces of software which are extremely powerful and rival most of the expensive closed source software available on other os’. I guess it is lacking a decent music notation frontend, but you can’t have it all atm in the open source world. And unless you want to program yourself, you shouldn’t really criticise, considering it is all free, we are all lucky enough to have devout socialist minded programmers on our side.

  39. caliga
    caliga at |

    this is why i have made the switch from jaunty to leonidas. my system has a radeon hd3870, i’ve never had any problems up until the new release. i cant access catalyst, it wont open. i try going into display and my computer is put under some serious stress. i cant enable desktop effects. so ive switched to fedora, and i can say i havent had a single problem with it.. yet :] lets hope karmic is a little more stable?

  40. caliga
    caliga at |

    bye nvidia? i’d rather switch distros (which is what ive done). nvidia are overpriced, the gains from that extra cash are insignificant. ill stay ati and amd 😀

  41. zeusz4u
    zeusz4u at |

    Would this work for my Xpress 1150 too?? Any ideas?? I wouldn’t like to install the new Ubuntu unless i know for sure those open-source drivers work fine with my card. It made my compiz desktop work fine, but in 3D applications i have 3-4 FPS, and the glxgears still tells me 300 FPS?? How is this possible?? I know it’s not a suitable program for testing performance, but that difference is so big… from 3-4 FPS to 300 FPS?? Something must be wrong. I’ve been looking some parameters i could use with my card, but yet haven’t found anything useful, not even in the documentation of the MESA drivers. Please write someone who has found a solution for the Xpress 1150 (linux still detects it as beeing 200M – lol, but i think the 2 are different chipsets)…

  42. Dark-Star
    Dark-Star at |

    Oh, how I wish I’d read this before I’d gone with Ubuntu Jaunty! After weeks of frustration I finally came across hard evidence that my raedon card is not (and prolly never will be) fully supported. Thanks for nothing ATI. Open-source drivers won’t play any 3D game worth jack squat with my x1600, and the day I’ll be able to afford a new video card will be the day pigs grow wings!

    My only hope is that the OS drivers will someday be able to get better 3D performance. ROTFLOL! Yeah right…but I have no other option.

    Anyone reading this who has the above video card series, stay the hell away from Ubuntu Jaunty!

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    iiuniveadds at |

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  44. drachenchen
    drachenchen at |


    I’m also frustrated with the Jaunty upgrade. It doesn’t help that Jaunty Jackalope is, IMHO, the coolest distro name they’ve come up with so far. -And they couldn’t even include any desktop wallpaper with an actual Jackalope on it? Sacrilege. I have an old ATI Radeon 800X on an Asus Mobo that runs a dual-monitor big desktop just fine in Intrepid, with either the open-source Radeon driver or the ATI Legacy one. I don’t need 3D eye-candy, and I don’t have the spare time to play games these days. I just need the screen real estate to, I dunno, maybe GET SOME WORK DONE. Like, instead of farting around trying to re-kluge Ubuntu’s kluges. -Which I don’t have time for right now, either. I thought that my days losing sleep trying to make things work were over when I ditched Windows, back around Dapper Drake. But no, they’re back! Jaunty gives me the “lines and bars” screen, also. Tried using the live CD to get x-org tweaked, but no luck. Only way I even got a 2-screen desktop back was to re-install Intrepid over my Jaunty root partition, and now I can’t get at my files in /home, because they’re under ext4! Good thing I backed up most of this stuff, and everything vital, but now I have to format home, and re-arrange ALL my virtual furniture to get a working system again–maybe? Note to the Ubuntu planners, and ATI bosses: you’ve got this temporarily poor boy dreaming about a MORE STABLE AND RELIABLE Linux distro, seen through a nice new NVidia card! WAY TO GO!

  45. jason
    jason at |

    I think you guys got the wrong cards for linux, and you’re blaming the wrong people. Id say it is ATI’s issue not Ubuntu’s. I have run Jaunty for the last few months now and have had no issues. I had a few minor crashes with various apps but nothing that I havent seen in windows and nothing that would make me call Jaunty an unstable release. I was running an nvidia card though, but I dont know what you guys are talking about with the price on the cards either, my 7600gt was like 60$ and my new 9800gt was like just over 100$

  46. Laos
    Laos at |

    And thats why NVIDIA is the way to go.

  47. Sigh
    Sigh at |

    Don’t ever upgrade Ubuntu the day it comes out if you want a stable system.

    In fact, if you want a stable system, don’t even use Ubuntu. Windows may have its flaws, but at least you won’t spend literally all of your free time maintaining it. I’m so sick of the regressions I get with every release. “Freedom” is more important than usefulness, I guess…

  48. Dark Archos
    Dark Archos at |

    That’s odd.. I have never had those problems that you guys have in Jaunty.. It’s working perfectly in my case.

  49. Dark Archos
    Dark Archos at |

    And I have Intel 945GM chipset. Everything works even my wireless card except for my laptop’s integrated mic.

  50. static soda
    static soda at |

    Even Windows 7 won’t have drivers for most of these cards. Vista like Ibex will be a dropping off point for some. That’s how it’s always been. Unless you pay for the support or do it yourself.

    People you just need to quit changing so much. Six months is not long enough to learn a system.

    There will never be a perfect system.

    You have to research.
    Some Intel chipsets run better on the latest distribution of Ubuntu which is 9.10. Yet on ATI hardware there will be less support from the manufacture.

    This is the problem with all computers and software.

    There is nothing wrong with staying on 8.04 Ubuntu. You won’t get hacked or find a virus. Even 6.06 will operate just fine.

    There are people out there running Slackware 10.2 still. Pentium II with 128megabytes of ram isn’t going to fly to the moon on a ubuntu 9.10 release. No mater how much hash torvaulds shoves in your pipe to smoke.

  51. static soda
    static soda at |

    I should also add that people are still using windows 2000 and xp and old solaris boxes.

    crap look at the amigas still operating.

    Use what works. Quit trying to live Richard Stallmans dream of free. There is no freedom.

    GNU is a license you are bound by (slavery)

    It’s really like trying to decide between two busses both headed in the same direction. One with air conditioning and the other with heat. You’re going to get burnt somewheres and frozen at others.

  52. Terrance
    Terrance at |

    I own a ATI HD 4850 also but apparently it’s not working with Jaunty.

  53. rupesh salgaonkar
    rupesh salgaonkar at |

    when i upgraded from ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 NVIDIA graphics failed to load at boottime and i unable to recover them i tryed my best to solve it

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