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  1. noclue
    noclue at |

    Download Twonky (The MIPS version)??
    which version?
    # Linux MIPS big endian glibc 2.2.5
    # Linux MIPS big endian uclibc 0.9.28
    # Linux MIPS little endian glibc 2.2.3
    # Linux MIPS little endian glibc 2.3.2
    # Linux MIPS little endian uclibc 0.9.28

  2. Mikael
    Mikael at |

    I just bought my self a WL-500W. Partly to be used a media storage.

    I googled a little and found TwonkyMedia and this guide. But I just can’t seem to get it to work.

    Should Download and Share Master and the Media Server be enabled?

    Is there any settings i should be aware of?

    Like Network Neighborhood Mode or FTP Mode?

    Should i create a User for Twonky or something?

    Also, the WL-500W doesn’t support the Initial Script to be more than 32 letters.
    “/tmp/harddisk/part0/twonky/init.sh” is 34.
    Is it okay to name is in.sh?

  3. Mikael
    Mikael at |

    So i think i found out what the problem is now. If i go to the system command
    and type in “/tmp/harddisk/part0/init.sh”
    is says “cannot execute”

    Do you have a solution for this?

    – Mikael

  4. Mikael
    Mikael at |

    Hi again,
    I tried the +x thing. And now the router just keeps saying “not found” when i try to run the init.sh file.

    Sometimes (after reboot) it says “cannot execute” again, and if i do the +x again it goes back to “not found”.

  5. Mikael
    Mikael at |

    For some reason it now says “init.sh: applet not found”, when i try to run the init.sh

  6. hansolox1
    hansolox1 at |

    Do you know where the lame mp3 plugin can be found so I can listen to mp3 from my directv hr20?

  7. Hafer
    Hafer at |

    ok, the web page is a bit outdated, but I assume, everything is still valid, right?

    I’ve got a question on how to change the executable flag. Do I have to access the router via ssh, telnet or something like that? How?

    Thx, Hafer

  8. Hafer
    Hafer at |

    thx, but if I try to establish a ssh connection it says “connection refused”.

    btw: the dev in the route command, is that really “br0”? Never heard it before …


  9. 2buu
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