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  1. indrojit
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  2. Rohit
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    Good One!

  3. abhishek
    abhishek at |

    cool video, u can further elaborate this video and some thing more.

  4. Vibhu
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    HaHa ! This was good !

  5. Rishabh Jain
    Rishabh Jain at |

    That’s too cool!!!!

    Really putted good effort in first creating the dummy and the video editing…..

    Good Job 🙂

  6. ankita
    ankita at |

    this was really cool n wud surely b more appreciated by ppl if u add some length.. i mean y not put the original vids here which u finally must have edited (n cut a lot) to meet d lmt of 10secs..

    good work 😉

  7. Parag
    Parag at |

    …Thats creativity my friend. U r the best and I have said that so many times. grt going

  8. honey singh
    honey singh at |

    Hey Shantanu ..
    I don’t know that you are handsome in media editing and creative productions.
    10 sec is quite low but you expressed the things.Hope to get few more stuff …
    Good Luck..

  9. anon
    anon at |

    Flash – no thank you – put up non-flash and then we will take a look.

  10. yogi
    yogi at |

    whoz the phone btw…

  11. Saurabh Ohri
    Saurabh Ohri at |

    Nice video, btw Yogi mast question, whoz the living phone

  12. Parul
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    lol.. dat was really kewl bhaiya!! nd d best thing was dat u cud do it in 10 seconds flat!! a big wOw of admiration for this one 🙂

  13. Ashutosh
    Ashutosh at |

    hey dude really cool,u can try your luck in acting too

  14. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    HaHa! good one.

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