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  1. Ankur Banerjee
    Ankur Banerjee at |

    I think people who oppose the Novell-Microsoft deal are being paranoid. I took the same stand myself when the deal was inked, but the more I think of it the better it is. We gotta admit that Novell is the only one which is seriously pumping money into Linux right now and working on inter-compatibility: starting with Moonlight, OOXML support, making OO.org code faster (which Sun refuses to include upstream, thus forcing Novell to fork it as Go-OO), the much better-looking SLAB menu in GNOME, supporting KDE for a long time (and KDE *is* better) – the list just goes on and on. openSuse is the closest thing to user-friendly in Linux right now. The only reason why it doesn’t become as popular as Ubuntu is because a) no free ShitPit CDs b) their choice to go for a huge DVD download as default option.

  2. Danielh
    Danielh at |

    @Ankur Banerjee

    I dont know where you have been but Sun, RedHat, IBM and many more have made much bigger contributions than Novell has done. OOXML, Moonlight etc is something most linux users dont want or need at all. The only reason they are there is for Microsoft to be able to sell themselves as interoperability friendly. Moonlight is a joke and not usable in any way really other than for PR. Every single mono app i have seen have been an utter joke and resource hog. Yes, Novells too.

    The sole reason we are migrating to Microsoft instead of sticking with Novells stuff is their coorporation with Microsoft.

  3. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Thank God this article doesn’t have the appearance of being unbiased in any way. At least people will not come looking here for any type of truth. Only paranoia and extremism here! Good luck existing in the real world.

  4. Ankur Banerjee
    Ankur Banerjee at |


    1. Red Hat *used to* put a lot of money into development, but right now they just sit around waiting for people to do the actual job on a shitty distro like Fedora. For the desktop end user, I can’t recall anything innovative off-hand other than AIGLX which Red Hat has done.
    2. Agreed. IBM has supported and still supports Linux a LOT. The effects of that, however, are more tangible for enterprise deployments than desktop users. IBM has done a helluva good job with Lotus Symphony though – it really kicks ass when it comes to office suites.
    3. Which brings me to Sun, a company which has been embracing open source more out of necessity than choice. It does a shitty job of managing OO.org development with all the restrictions in developers contributing and / or having a say in the direction the project takes. Novell’s version of OO.org is so much more faster AND they’ve contributed the code back but Sun refuses to include them because they want control (which is why Novell forked to Go-OO).

    Coming to Ubuntu, the darling of all those who love open source, for a distro which bills itself as one of the most accessible it is ironic that certain key accessibility features don’t work and have been languishing despite bug reports being filed in Launchpad (which to this day remain ‘unassigned’).

  5. Ankur Banerjee
    Ankur Banerjee at |

    @Shantanu: Again, I feel that’s being paranoid. I admit that my first reaction when the deal was done was same as yours, but the more I thought of it seems unenforceable – if MS ever takes that path – to sue every Linux user and / or company. Many enterprises use both Linux and Microsoft solutions and the backlash will be enormous if they every do anything such stupid. If Linux is to spread then people must be pragmatic. Novell is doing a *great* job at making Linux easier for desktop users and I think that should count too.

  6. Ankur Banerjee
    Ankur Banerjee at |

    @Shantanu: If comes to suing – which I don’t think it would – then there’s a safeguard in IBM’s pledge to countersue Microsoft in case such a situation arises. Microsoft has much more to lose if that happens. Binary blob is a disturbing issue, but what does it have to do with the MS-Novell deal in the first place? Nowhere does it mandate using binary-only version of MS technologies, as far as I know.

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  8. TesserId
    TesserId at |

    I now work in an environment where Linux only exists as a replacement for expensive UNIX server and is destined to be replaced by Windows as soon as that becomes possible. The management chooses to view Linux as unsupportable and therefore not a real O/S.

    This is one of he sad cases where Novell’s deal with the Devil is actually of use to Linux. This organization is buy Novell licenses because of the Microsoft deal. That is, they actually feel more confident about Novell because of the Microsoft deal.

    I’m afraid the Linux community could do more to understand the support issue that corporations face, because these corporations will have no respect for and not listen to those who can not speak to their support needs.

    Again, this is an area where the Microsoft deal was, sadly, good for Linux. Yes, it will probably bite us in the butt later on, but there’s a lesson to be learned here now.

  9. Jim
    Jim at |

    Your free speech ends at the tip of my nose.

    In the context, whether or not Novell is doing the wrong thing is irrelevant. The fact is that a group of loud mouthed a$$holes showed up at an event for the sole purpose of disrupting it.

    I certainly hope that there were some serious bruises on some of them after they were rounded up; had it been me that was being subjected to their abusive attempts to suppress MY free speech, I wouldn’t have been kind enough to call the police. I’d have handled it myself, and there might have been body bags required.

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