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  1. Rohit
    Rohit at |

    Nice Post Buddy!

  2. kiwi freelancer
    kiwi freelancer at |

    can you show me the code adsense for search for wp .. integrade with wp search

  3. Mohamed Beshr
    Mohamed Beshr at |

    how can i creat 404 page and link it to my search code in my site

  4. corewerkz
    corewerkz at |

    awesome tip, thanks!

  5. Marco Rigby
    Marco Rigby at |

    I just looked at your RSS feed and it gave me an error. Can you post your RSS feed url when you have a chance? I don’t check email very often.

  6. Ramakrishna
    Ramakrishna at |

    Really great… i was looking all the sites wasting complete my day and found yours is the best… thanks buddy…


  7. VivBounty
    VivBounty at |

    Great post, Shantanu Goel. Worked beautifully.
    Now if I could just get my permalinks on the blog working I’d be on my way! Anyhow grabbed your feeds as you post was most helpful.
    Kind Regards,

  8. Dennis Marshall
    Dennis Marshall at |

    Definitely gonna do this. Right now I’m trying to put google search results in my main subdomain and I got them coming up. I just cant get my search bar centered. Wish me luck with this task but it will get done

  9. Sanur Bali Hotel
    Sanur Bali Hotel at |

    Nice posting anda very helpfully , i will try to practice it thank you

  10. Rahul
    Rahul at |

    Thanks a lot.
    i was really missing the page which in need to create from admin and was directly trying to add /wp-content/themes/ in google adsense settings.
    lol..m foolish

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