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  1. RedHat выигрывает битву за патенты : Linux2Business.ru

    […] информации с Shantanu’s Technophilic Musings, апелляционный суд США вынес решение о необходимости […]

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    Hi Shantanu!

    I thought you’d like to have a look at the interesting discussions going on at “Channel9 Coffeehouse” regarding to this “Patent” thing…

    Please see post #7 here…
    A friend at C9 discussed in context to what you wrote over here.

    Some more reading…

    Enjoy reading.

  3. Boycott Novell » What the Bilski Ruling Might Mean to Software Patents, Microsoft

    […] Microsoft Has A Problem: Software Patents Go Up In Smoke So, companies like Microsoft would have a lot to rue about as a huge portion of their patent portfolio has become circumspect. This not only would rob them of revenues in terms of royalties but would also open up a lot of space for competition as well. Special thanks to Red Hat to take up the fight and providing crucial data to the court to take this decision. […]

  4. Boycott Novell » Does OpenSUSE Board Member Shelter Microsoft’s Patents?

    […] people (the most voted for) in OpenSUSE is not exactly optimistic. I wouldn’t conclude to Shantanu’s “Microsoft Has A Problem: Software Patents Go Up In Smoke” for several […]

  5. Boycott Novell » IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 3rd, 2008

    […] Has A Problem: Software Patents Go Up In Smoke < http://tech.shantanugoel.com/2008&#8230; >. As Dana puts it < http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3052 >: “Certainly we are […]

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