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  1. Rohit
    Rohit at |

    I like the icon fo this utility 😉
    Looks like its trying to scare the notes application saying “i will kill you” 😀

  2. Twilight Fairy
    Twilight Fairy at |

    Yeah this app was used a lot in our “ex-office” as well.

    But I never understood the need for it :P..
    all you gotta do is kill all processes that lnotes.exe starts. 🙂

  3. Twilight Fairy
    Twilight Fairy at |

    yeah it has a couple of daemons that need to be killed too ..so not all the names are of the type *notes.exe 🙂

    i used to delete all the ones starting with ‘n’ except the most obv ones… never failed me 😛

  4. Markus
    Markus at |

    I have been working as a Lotus Notes Administrator for the last 10 years and have found this a pathetic annoyance all along. How come everybody else manages to close their software properly even in worst case crashes and IBM can’t?

    And worst of all: these issues NEVER get fixed. Over the years, I have turned more and more to OpenSource, because in that field, things get fixed, always!
    Only on proprietary software you can wait forever and it still does not mend. I am amazed and frustrated that companies don’t seem to care about what users want. And of course, due to the closed nature, no fork or fix can be submitted, even when a community member is more competent that the dim light inside the company that messed this up in the first place.


  5. Some Guy Fed Up With Notes
    Some Guy Fed Up With Notes at |

    Thank you! I was kind of fed up working with the hung windows in the way…

  6. Furla
    Furla at |

    Thank you very much! This is an essential application to have when you use Lotus Notes, for sure!!

  7. Notes Hater
    Notes Hater at |

    Thank You. Thank you. Thank You.
    I have been restarting my !@#$% computer for years and finally had enough.
    You cannot just kill it through task manager, and I tried killing everything.
    Thank You.
    Did I already say that. Oh no, Thank You.
    Man I hate Notes.

  8. Teena
    Teena at |

    Thank You! This is great.

  9. Yuvi
    Yuvi at |

    Amazing find. Thanks a lot.
    Was about a close a zillion files open on desktop inorder to restart my machine. But a timely google search saved me the effort.

    Thanks a ton.

  10. Oui
    Oui at |

    Thank you.

  11. Adrian
    Adrian at |

    Or, even easier, you can manually end the process ntaskldr.exe from the tab Processes in Windows Task Manager, after Lotus has crashed.

    You are wellcome! 🙂

  12. Dustin
    Dustin at |

    The link you provided no longer hosts the download – can you send directly to my email?

  13. Anitha
    Anitha at |

    Thanks Shantanu. That helped.

    The app can be downloaded from

  14. Steve
    Steve at |

    Or you could always use the IBM tool to do it…

    Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes

    nsd -kill

    It works for me on 8.5.2.


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