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  1. Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar at |

    You need to be a participant in the 2008 Inter-College Programming Contest (ICPC) to be offered free membership. Isnt is so? Am i missing something here??

  2. Justin H
    Justin H at |

    does anyone know where to download free for windows vista icon shell and background desktop and toolbar? basically (a theme)…

  3. Justin H
    Justin H at |

    a theme for windows xp pro…that’s what i have

  4. ethnopunk
    ethnopunk at |

    try crystalxp

  5. Justin H
    Justin H at |

    I cant seem to find a download that has exe files…is there any downloads where you can just Run the program and it installs windows vista? besides downloading the full version. I just want a theme.

  6. Justin H
    Justin H at |

    can someone get Xfire? That’d be alot easier to talk in and you can send links to download stuff. Can someone add my Xfire that knows how to install vista themes?


    Free chat program

    Xfire is: knight042

  7. kim
    kim at |

    Shantanu’s Technophilic Musings.

    ACM site wants paid membership,
    it is better to give $$$ to Microsoft rather than Acm,
    Also Microsoft gives a lot refund in terms of other online better services.

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