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  2. Varun
    Varun at |

    I agree with you on the extensions part. That is why I still use Firefox about 20% of the time. I do miss some extensions such as Better GReader, Web Developer, Delicious buttons, AdBlock Plus etc. But that’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?

    You know what would be better than a ramdisk solution – a portable USB-based browser 🙂 http://portableapps.com/

    Did you take Google Chrome out for spin? I find it lighter than Firefox (or IE) and I love the way it uses screen space.

  3. Varun
    Varun at |

    Browser Wars 2.0: Firefox scrambles to add ‘private mode’ browsing

  4. Morgano
    Morgano at |

    I am pretty sure Opera can be easily set up too.
    Also, it have had the kiosk mode for many years.

  5. James
    James at |

    I had a couple thoughts, if you use PortableApps and want it secure, you just have to either get a password protected one, or encrypt the folder containing firefox. Also it may be possible to use the thumb drive with the RAM disk approach and maybe even combine it with encryption.

    Also you could use a Bio-Protection system, if you really want security. ;}

  6. skatersev
    skatersev at |

    I don’t know what setting the “browser.cache.xxx.xxx” to false did, but it seems somewhat self-explanatory. If that is the case, then why do we even need to turn off all of the options in the privacy menu?

  7. mofliwsb
    mofliwsb at |

    How to open two firefox windows of different profiles at the same time? In my case, once I open firefox with the default profile, later on no matter what profile I specify firefox just insists working as in default profile.

  8. mofliwsb
    mofliwsb at |

    My bad, should have specified “-no-remote”.

  9. oejj
    oejj at |

    From google’s own chrome faqs…
    “In incognito mode …. It will also not store snapshots of pages that you visit or keep a record of your downloads. (This information could still be stored elsewhere on your computer, though.)”.

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  11. rajat
    rajat at |

    Now simply press ctrl+shift+p

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