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  1. Todd
    Todd at |

    I for one was amazed at what a big deal some people made of Vista’s animated backgrounds when all you need do is mplayer -rootwin. I usually use a screensaver as a background (xflame looks good).

    Does this program do anything other than what -root/-rootwin already do?

  2. Todd
    Todd at |

    Ah, I see the difference now I believe. Regarding the “not seeing anything” issue – that’s only if you run some kind of desktop environment or desktop window (as you imply). The reason I didn’t think of it is that I’ve never run one 😛 I just use a window manager (fluxbox, openbox, pekwm etc).

    Even without a desktop environment one (or more) feature is still valid – the ability to have shaped windows for example. Nice 🙂

  3. bob lazar
    bob lazar at |

    yo ubuntu maverick 10.10 + compiz 0.8.6 sticky is not working and its minimizing my electric sheep background with the show desktop button!!

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