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  1. vibhu
    vibhu at |

    Add a few more to the iPhone negatives.

    – no forwarding of messages allowed.
    – no BT transfers
    – to change battery need to send back to apple.

  2. Rishi
    Rishi at |

    Heh, it’s the sad truth. =(. Also, from a medical perspective, roughly 20% of Indian ayurvedic medicine has heavy metal contamination (mainly lead and mercury). India really needs to get its act together on numerous frontiers.

    HONEY SINGH at |

    “all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone”
    crap crap ..
    though safari is good but not enough to boom iphone
    What should i say you already described so much and commented so much here

    Hey Big Tv got Alexa of 33503 besides the fact that it launches recently and domain age of 12/2007
    check here

    whereas dishtv have Alexa of 38155.

  4. Pooja Gupta
    Pooja Gupta at |

    Quite a thoughtful post, dint try iphone yet, but can surely add my views on BIG TV venture by Reliance.

    The marketing ideas could have been more logical, genuineness was quite missing in the campaign led by Anil Ambani!

  5. Amit Goel
    Amit Goel at |

    I can’t talk much about Satellte TV’s coz’ if my company finds out.. i’ll be in trouble.. but then..

    Watch it, Big TV is really become big if rivals don’t step up. Leave aside marketing, from a software perspective, they have got an edge.Also, from infrastructure point of view, they are way ahead.

    From retail selling to having much more bandwidth and more number of transponders… they have already a long term solution in place..

    Just watch out for Bharti, that’ll pose a threat to Reliance as they’ll soon come with Triple Play..

    Rest, just see how TV viewing will change drastically with in next 2 years.. as the preparations are going on in full swing 🙂

  6. Amit Goel
    Amit Goel at |

    by the way, bharti is supposed to continue with Madhavan and Vidya Balan for its Satellite TV advertising campaign.. 🙂

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