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  1. damon banks
    damon banks at |

    as a poet and a mathematician, this is one of my favorite poems/scenes.
    you wouldn’t, by chance, happen to have the poem that dewayne wayne read to on a different world, would you?

  2. Heather
    Heather at |

    She’s always been a challenge to me
    From our very first hello
    I pursued this woman of mystery
    Determined she would not be a puzzle to me
    I soon found comfort in her complexity
    I look into her dark and smoky eyes
    Admiring her angles and curves
    Her elliptical lips
    She divides men from boys
    Adding and subtracting hearts
    Until alone I stand, heart in my hand
    She is mine
    Solve for x, my first love.

  3. Aram
    Aram at |

    Iota Subscript by Robert Frost

    Seek not in me the big I capital,
    Not yet the little dotted in me seek.
    If I have in me any I at all,
    ‘Tis the iota subscript of the Greek.

    So small am I as an attention beggar.
    The letter you will find me subscript to
    Is neither alpha, eta, nor omega,
    But upsilon which is the Greek for you.

  4. Pooja Gupta
    Pooja Gupta at |

    The mind of poet cum mathematician combo is returning unique & interesting results!

  5. Ranjhith
    Ranjhith at |

    Reading this, brought-in memories abt one I wrote sometime back:

  6. ye
    ye at |

    im losing mi mind
    makes me feel like i can go back in time
    be polite and not telling a lie
    my reaction is not a crime
    i take my time
    minds me
    of whats inside of me
    sometimes i feel like im all blown away
    when nobody is on mi side and have nothin to say =D

  7. Jordan Cooney
    Jordan Cooney at |

    I love this poem, its awesome
    its not; As quietly co-waltzing by, its As quietly come waltzing by,
    this poem reminds me of my gf, taylor 🙂

  8. bobby
    bobby at |

    ya jordan is right its quietly come waltzing by

  9. Carter
    Carter at |

    Really nice poem. Loved it

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