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    (looks like my comment got eaten 🙁 Let’s try again)…

    Good post. I think I’m the only person who reads Terms and Conditions sometimes. It’s amazing how many people just enter personal data into things without thinking about who they are giving info too.

    One thing, you mention “your password”. No one should ever only have one password. I would encourage everyone to use tools like MyPasswordSafe ( http://www.semanticgap.com/myps/ ), pwsafe ( http://nsd.dyndns.org/pwsafe/ ) and/or PasswordSafe ( http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/ ) to store a unique password for each service. These applications are all free and/or Open Source etc. Plus using the combination of the above, you can share one password database across Linux/Unix and Windows, both GUIs and command lines.

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