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  1. Deborah
    Deborah at |

    I encountered the 406 error last night on two websites. I mistakenly thought it was an issue with a specific plugin, and searched the web for solutions when I came upon your post.

    While I was reviewing the steps in your solution, I heard back from my web host who told me that their Suhosin security extension for PHP was too restrictive, and they reconfigured it. The host changes solved my issue.

  2. shaxx
    shaxx at |

    tried both of the above and still getting the 406 errors….

  3. Honey
    Honey at |

    Thanks shantanu for the info…
    I read the doc, but my problem was not associated with 406 errors…
    actually it was due to some “flash uploader” to upload file in the posts…
    Once again thanks for your response via twitter.

  4. Rilwis
    Rilwis at |

    Thanks for useful information. It helps wp users a lot.

  5. Marcin
    Marcin at |

    I have had the same problem, and as with Deborah, I contacted my hosting and they solved it.

  6. Johnny - Santa Teresa Costa Rica
    Johnny - Santa Teresa Costa Rica at |

    Sorry guys Iam a newbie, how do I solve this error step by step if Iam using wordpress? I appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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    como aparecer en google at |

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    Seven Seat Cars at |

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