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  1. Todd
    Todd at |

    Hey there Shantanu,

    Thanks for the comment ( http://www.quadronyx.com.au/blogs/fallen/2006/05/29/windows_best_application_mspaint_for_lin#c1285 )! I still agree that mtpaint is the best choice, providing a nice balance of features and simplicity. As hinted to in my blog, I don’t use KDE at all and therefore don’t want all the stuff that comes with kolourpaint.

    I think it’s worth noting that the gimp is an “image manipulation” program, and therefore it’s primary use is that. I don’t know about you but I find it hard to draw a stick figure in the gimp, compaired with these paint apps!

    Good write up. πŸ™‚

  2. Pie
    Pie at |

    What do you mean by ‘arrows’?

    Testing KolourPaint right now. For a 1072KB program (Which is already too big in size), I need to download a total of 19.2MB data to get the KDE Library (I’m on Kfce).

  3. Pie
    Pie at |

    Turned out KolourPaint is better for people migrating from Microsoft Paint or other pixelart editor. A similar and simple interface simply means no re-learning.

  4. Pie
    Pie at |

    Ah, arrow-shaped clipart? Maybe it’s not MSPaint replacement you’re looking, but Microsoft Visio.
    As for glitter effects etc, never used it but i take it as graphic editor feature, not pixelart editor.

    Yes I have tried all three, but KolourPaint simply gets the job done, especially for people who just migrated from “The Big Monopolist”.

  5. Christian
    Christian at |

    Nice post!

    Quick question, I installed gpaint and it does all I normally need, gimp is not that friendly. Only one thing I am not seeing… how to save as jpg? I do not get the option, however, I can save the undo versions as jpg? Strange… may be I am missing something very basic πŸ™‚

    Regards! Christian

  6. Benben
    Benben at |

    If all you want is to draw a couple of boxes, circles and arrows, may I suggest Dia. It is not a freehand drawing program like mspaint but a diagram drawing program like MS Visio. It is way faster than any of the drawing tools when it comes to putting arrows around shapes πŸ™‚

  7. Maarten
    Maarten at |

    Thanks for the article, I will try the programs to find out myself, though I really do not dislike Gimp!

  8. Mihai
    Mihai at |

    Open Office Draw is included by default in Ubuntu and you can easily draw circles and arrows in it.

  9. George George
    George George at |

    What about xfig? I have been using xfig for stuff like this for a long time. It is a very old app but it is still quite functional and as you said no where NEAR as complex as gimp. It may be just because I am used to it but it seems much more functional and easy to use than the mtpaint app you recommended.

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  11. Vinod
    Vinod at |

    mtpaint is exactly what I was looking for. Take a screenshot. Crop down to area I’m focused on. Highlight the bug (or whatever) with a red circle. Copy and create a new smaller image with the clipboard contents. Save and email. Done.

    Thanks for writing about it.

  12. Jardle
    Jardle at |

    Kolourpaint is the best!!!

  13. Bangmovie
    Bangmovie at |

    Thanks for the share. I am looking for MS Paint alternative for Gnome as I am migrating into linux (using Linux Mint). Your list comes in handy.

  14. martin
    martin at |

    you should add pinta to this list πŸ˜‰

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