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  1. scar45
    scar45 at |

    Thanks buddy! I had come across this in some ROMs, but was never able to extract it. This works excellent when set to run every hour or so via notifications.

  2. Mort
    Mort at |

    VERY COOL! Thanks a lot. I hated that notification on Oxios.

  3. Soul_Est
    Soul_Est at |

    Thanks Shantanu! I was just wondering is this a modified executable of the newest version (1.40 as of this comment :D). If not it’s alright since I really hated that notification window too.

  4. Soul_Est
    Soul_Est at |

    Thanks for replying so quickly. This’ll be of much use thanks again.

  5. Joe E.
    Joe E. at |

    Do you have the download in a .cab file?

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