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  1. amit gupta
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    The thing is that you can’t take action since they are not doing anything illegal, they are merely exploiting a loophole for 5 days after which the domain will be released & would be available to be registered via any registrar. I wrote about this front running of Network Solutions sometime back with a possible reason(with analysis) behind this.

  2. amit gupta
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    Well actually, I don’t think they can because it says in ICANN policy that a domain can be registered & deleted in 5 days without charge to the registry. The grounds on which they can be sued will be that the registrar is not supposed to take a domain which a person searches on their website, unless ofcourse they make it plain to the person looking for the domain that any search will result in registration of available domains!! So looks like finally someone has sued Network Solutions(link). 🙂

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