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  1. The Empty Head
    The Empty Head at |

    you are one lucky guy shantz….used the camera for 3 yrs, now got their latest model 🙂

    i envy ya!!!

  2. Twilight Fairy
    Twilight Fairy at |

    Congrats! Never heard of such good customer care ever… but then I loved Canon even before that 😛 🙂

  3. Rohit Khurana
    Rohit Khurana at |

    Congrats for the new cam man !!!
    When is the party 😉

  4. Anish
    Anish at |

    call me also at the party 🙂

    well, congrats!!

  5. Ashu
    Ashu at |

    are you sure your friend did not buy it for you

  6. Anish
    Anish at |

    you should have come to my seat yesterday itself 🙂

  7. vibhu
    vibhu at |

    /heartburn !

  8. Manu
    Manu at |


    I have a problem with my S3IS. It wont just turn on. It is giving a beep and shutting off when trying to switch on. Orange LED lights for a minute. I bought a new set of batteries and still the problem is the same. Cant understand what to do. Its not getting on in play mode either nor is it detecting when connected to system. Please guide me what to do. It was bought in US and currently i am in Sweden. It is under US warranty. Got your reference from Harsimran Brar. Please help.


  9. Ankit
    Ankit at |

    Canon Rocks man!
    Thanks for info Shantanu…..it opened my mind to new horizons!
    My friend had an s1 model too, and we played an awesome trick!
    We mailed to Canon US customer service the details of the cam and that it was giving the ‘blank pic’ problem. Then followed up on email to give them the requested data relating to purchase. Also we convinced them that sending the cam by post was costing us a lot and guess what?! They have agreed to send a brand new cam!!! Though they haven’t mentioned the model, we seriously hope that it is S5! 🙂
    And by the way, keep the secret to urself – we aren’t facing the blank-pic prob (as of now at least!) 🙂
    And the deal is I get the older Cam and my friend gets the new one…fair enough! Yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Thanks man…..Canon ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Yishai
    Yishai at |

    I had my S1 IS fixed for free (no upgrade for me) way after warranty ended. Canon paid shipping bth ways.
    Ankit’s “trick” (better described as outright fraud) is what could cost us all the excellent service Canon gives its customers.

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