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  1. chemicalscum
    chemicalscum at |

    For me it only opens the terminal in my Home directory no matter what directory Nautilus is open in.

  2. Perpetual Rabbit
    Perpetual Rabbit at |

    Three tips:
    1) It would be more useful if you listed which environment variables are available from within Nautilus, so that I could use those in my own scripts, like the current working directory, and how to get the Nautilus window to do various things, like refresh itself, open a new instance, make it move to another directory, etc, etc.
    2) A more involved example would be useful.
    3) How to make scripts generally available to all users, i.e. is there some /etc/gnome2/nautilus-scripts directory where you put scripts that you want to appear in everyones nautilus menu?

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  4. Wolfprint
    Wolfprint at |

    Thanks and I know it old but it sorta got me on the right track searching for something else, anyway to get your script to work properly in jaunty ubuntu…

    gnome-terminal –working-directory=”–directory”

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