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  1. vibhu
    vibhu at |

    Q1. where are the apps installed from ?
    Q2. how would you say install mp3 decoder ?

  2. Steve
    Steve at |

    How do you deal with packages that require input from the user, such as NIS or LDAP or SAMBA, which often prompt you for usernames, port numbers, passwords, server addresses, etc. ?

  3. mike
    mike at |

    Or you can make a dump of all installed packages:
    dpkg –get-selections > packages
    Copy this file to usbstick or somewhere else. After basic installation copy the file to your home dir and issue the following commands:
    dpkg -set-selections < packages
    apt-get dselect-upgrade

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  4. Carl
    Carl at |

    @Mike, Awesome, I meant to look up that command for a while but kept forgetting.

  5. zcat
    zcat at |

    Ummmm.. you needed a ‘script’ for this? It’s a one-liner!

    “apt-get install -y `grep -v^# ` packages.txt | cut -f1 -d’ ‘”

    Mike; good tip. I keep forgetting how to get the list of packages though 😉

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