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  2. Malcolm
    Malcolm at |

    Hello There, this looks perfect for what i am trying to accomplish, but my lack of PERL knowledge is proving to be barrier.

    Can I run this script on my local MAc OSx machine? Or a web server?
    Where do I specify the input .csv file?

    Thanks, Malcolm

  3. webinki
    webinki at |

    Hi, I need so much this script…. but the link is broken.. Can you help me? Thank you very much

  4. Dave Brocklebank
    Dave Brocklebank at |

    Hi Shantanu,
    I am hoping to use your Perl script to conver a CSV file to an OPML file in order to load all my exisiting links into my new WordPress database.

    The CSV file contains

    Title, Description, URL

    for all the websites that my current website links to.

    Could your Perl script be used for this?

    Best Wishes, Dave

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