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  1. Nitin Sakhuja
    Nitin Sakhuja at |

    Well, First of all I absolutely adgere to your P.S. “… Very well said “Please do not even mention any iShit… for its for the Dumb so that they can help their craving of becoming even Dumber…

    Now about Nokia & Windows Mobile marriage, this will certainly push the windows mobile platform in everyone’s hands attributing to Nokia’s celebrated status as a “RELIABLE” phone. I really don’t know what forces people to even buy nokia phones. Well, before I miss the point (by shooting on Nokia phones even more) at this point its hard to appreciate for me how good is it going to be for windows mobile and PDA category devices. Well, as many people might already know that Nokia’s so called SMART PHONES are just a piece of crap in terms of not even software (OS) , but also hardware as compared to HTC devices. Now if Nokia uses Windows Mobile on that sloppy hardware (low RAM, low processor speed, low everthing, but HIGH PRICE) then how good its going to be is a question. Plus, I would not really like Windows Mobile (an OS de perfection) to be used by people who really don’t even know whats the meaning of an OS or worst by some educated “Who needs all this in a phone”/”iPhone is the best device till date” kind of idiots who (probably have got the iShitPhone just as a status symbol) question the use of such capable OS in the first place… Nokia surely is a marketing genius and so its not difficult to imagine that Windows Mobile may also become a toy in the hands of all those High class ignorants which don’t even bother to appreciate the mighty OS, let alone explore its uses, capabilities… Oh yeah, I too am obsessed with Windows Mobile !!!

  2. Pooja gupta
    Pooja gupta at |

    Good to see you still have a liking for ur ex-client products 🙂

  3. Nitin Sakhuja
    Nitin Sakhuja at |

    Aur hum abhi bhi Kamaa rahey hain… Hehehehe.. Nokia ki thaali mein kha ke Nokia ki hi thaali mein ched kiya 😀

  4. felix
    felix at |

    nokia should make windows mobile otherwise very fastly nokia also go out form makrket like “AL CATEL” becuase people like windows moble very well compare to symbian,windows mobile is so good & user friendly also,i am also using nokia, i love nokia phone/but when i use windows mobile like HTC,Samsung so nice compare to symbian mobile & nokia should change then model everything they r making typical model nokia specification is so good compare to other mobile,they should keep same sapecification & make more RAM capacity & ROM capacity,Processor Capacity then touch screen also they should make more smooth & shape also make beautiful like HTC & Samsung they r making BIG Screen mobile

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