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  1. Stronghold Crusader
    Stronghold Crusader at |

    Very useful information 🙂 I see there are realy good tips. I am going to use some of them

  2. Job
    Job at |

    Very nice 😉 btw very good tips i will use some of them. Some i did not knew.

  3. yaoatdnw
    yaoatdnw at |

    “This is basically due to conflicting and confusing instructions existing on the net.”

    So you added to the confusing bij giving incomplete information:

    1) All images are to small to view. Clicking a images shows a readable image without texual instructions.

    2) In Step4/Connection settings dialog you do not say what to do with the Host and Page settings (Leave as it is or change it?).

    That is as far as I can get. Whatever configuration I try, nothings works.
    Thanks for adding to the confusing.

    yaoatdnw (Yet an other advise that does not work)

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