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  1. Project: ShantzTodayChanger (Windows Mobile Tool To Cycle Themes/Wallpapers Automatically) | My Technophilic Musings

    […] is hereby inaugarated with a Windows Mobile Tool developed by me, called “ShantzTodayChanger”. This is a little tool for your Windows Mobile based phones (Compatible with WM5/WM6 but not […]

  2. DJ
    DJ at |

    Excellent software, how many themes can it handle?

  3. DJ
    DJ at |

    Hi there. I seem to only be able to get 6 going even though there are 12 on my device. I’ve set them to rotate on every 100 cycles. Any ideas?

  4. DJ
    DJ at |

    Hi there is a touch dual running WM6. I think I have fixed it by putting all of the .tsk files into there own folder. It didn’t seem to like them all being in a folder that was shared with other files. Thanks for all your help.

  5. ShantzTodayChanger 1.52 | 1800 Pocket PC
    ShantzTodayChanger 1.52 | 1800 Pocket PC at |

    […] Source : tech.shantanugoel.com […]

  6. Jim
    Jim at |

    I’m having conflicts with other alarms & wireless sync?…i760 mobile 6 pda… locks up wireless sync and alarms… soft reset and all continues… as normal… disabled shantztodaychanger 1.53 to see what happens for a day or two… lmk

  7. Jim
    Jim at |

    If wireless sync was started and Shantztodaychanger began an operation is it possible that a lock up could occur? I have had no soft resets since I disabled the today changer? Can you explain more about how to use the “mask” feature…

  8. Mike
    Mike at |

    Will there be any future screen support?

  9. Mike
    Mike at |

    i meant square screen.

  10. Mario
    Mario at |

    hi shantanu.

    i must say it’s an excellent software you got here.
    you sure are genius 🙂

    but there’s one thing….

    i don’t really understand the topics you discuss with one of the guys.
    you said to make the ShantzTdyChgr with “-c” without the quotes somewhere, so you could instantly change your wallpaper.
    but i kinda miss the meaning of that.

    could you please explain to me once more….
    where to make the shortcuts,
    and what’s the ‘without the quotes’ meaning…

    thanks again, shantz.
    you make evry1’s life easier 😀

  11. Mario
    Mario at |

    sorry to bother you again,

    but i’m just wondering if what i do is right . . .

    first it looked like this (in the notepad) :

    55#”\ShantzTodayChanger1.53\ShantzTodayChanger.exe” -g 600

    . . . . . . . .

    then i change it to :

    55#”\ShantzTodayChanger1.53\ShantzTodayChanger.exe” -c 600

    it’s not working when i copied it back to the phone . . .

    . . . . . .

    then i did it like this . . .

    55#”\ShantzTodayChanger1.53\ShantzTodayChanger.exe” -c-g 600

    again, when i copied it to the phone it still doesn’t work.

    i’m just a program dummy,
    i don’t know what to do . . .

    if you have a bit of spare time,
    would you mind giving me guidance about this one?

    thanks a bunch shantz

    sorry for asking so much from you 🙁

  12. Ravjeet
    Ravjeet at |

    Hi Shantanu,

    I recently started using this tool. I must say, this is EXCELLENT..! I would like to ask you one thing. When we set for Image change, what size (ie. 640×480) would it support. I have downloaded pics from my digi cam but i could only see a corner of this. Its not rezing the pics as per the screen size. How can we fix this?



  13. Mario
    Mario at |

    yo shantz, it’s me again.

    last time, your shortcut works like a charm 🙂

    but now, a problem occured

    it won’t cycle again, with or without the shortcut.

    if i restart my touch, it will cycle just once, and that’s it….

    hmmm, did i do something wrong?

    haven’t installed new programs lately either…

    i just got myself confused here shantz . . . . .

  14. Mario
    Mario at |

    no shantz, i’m the one who should say sorry for always troubling you with my problems. thanks for taking your time with me 🙂

    well, here is the registry settings under HKCU\Software\ShantzTodayChanger

    bgOrTheme 1 ( 0X000001 )
    checkExe 0 ( 00000000 )
    checkPath 0 ( 00000000 )
    checkStTime 0 ( 00000000 )
    exeMask 0 ( 00000000 )
    gap 1800 ( 0X0007….
    index 2 ( 0X000002 )
    notifHandle 0 ( 00000000 )

    in front of filemask, input path, and runonchange (left side of the word), there’s an icon with ab red font with white background.

    about the notification queue, i’m downloading it right now

    i’m gonna post the result after this . . .

    oh, and btw, now it won’t let me change the config. like first i have an 1800 cycilng period, and after i changed it to, say 1200 secs, it won’t change when i apply it. it doesn’t even show the notification that today’s changer is started.

    please, help me. i like your today changer so much . . . .

    sorry for troubling you . . ., again 🙁

  15. Mario
    Mario at |

    ok shantz, here goes fuul details :

    Process (22) PID

    TaskMgr.exe 97D4C2A2
    fexplore.exe 759A655A
    ShantzTodayChanger.exe 15F874B2
    QuickDial.exe B5B40002
    MediaHubMini.exe 75B44F0A
    APLauncher.exe D5BA43EA
    Biotouch.exe F5B92542
    s2u2.exe 96499422
    Opera9.exe 563764EA
    OperaPrel.exe 563EEEC6
    iLock.exe D63DC88E
    poutlook.exe 565D8002
    VCDaemon.exe B66BB98A
    cprog.exe F6BC23EE
    SAPSettings.exe D6575296
    connmgr.exe B6BC8902
    services.exe 56C0ED16
    shell32.exe B6C0ECF2
    gwes.exe 36E1799E
    device.exe 973E5E3E
    filesys.exe 37FEFCC6
    NK.EXE 17FFF002

    FYI, i/m using HTC TOUCH elfin P3452 with CPU OMAP850 201Mhz speed

    i hope it’s detailed enough

    thanks again shantz 🙂

    i really appreciate it

  16. Mario
    Mario at |

    hmmm, security app?

    u mean antivirus?

    i have kaspersky, but i already uninstalled it, because it’s just make things heavy on my touch.

    and i also activate the black list feature from spb phone suit.
    u know, to prevent those unimportant calls 🙂

    and that’s that. no more security apps for me.

    is this what u meant shantz?

  17. Mario
    Mario at |

    mmm, to tell u the truth.
    after i check it with with task manager, i restart my touch, and shantztodaychanger is not in the running process anymore.

    seeing that, i’m so happy that i just start your todaychanger again . . .

    it runs only once, then no more.
    it doesn’t even change my wall according to the designated folder

    already tried to change the registry setting on NotifHandle to
    (0X000001), and restart the device, but . . . . . .

    that won’t do either . . .

    i’m so confused here….
    is it the end of your today changer for me ?

    sorry to make your head spinning with this problem of mine.

    maybe it’s my device that has some trouble…..

  18. Mario
    Mario at |

    hmmm, hard reset is also an option here.

    but there are so many apps i have to reinstall at my touch if i do that.

    but, if you could make a debug version, that will be wonderful. so you could help me and the others that might have the same problem.

    you’ve done so much for me

    thansk a lot shantz

    your work is the best 🙂

  19. Mario
    Mario at |

    umm, i’m able to see the value, but after soft reset the value return to zero.

    is it the opera 9 that i just installed.

    co it’s the most recent apps i install on my touch.

    u know, this 2-3 days i also think of hard reset as an option.

    hmmm, this is getting more frustrating ever . . .

  20. Mario
    Mario at |

    i mean coz it’s the most recent apps i installed

    still, your apps is the best shantz 🙂

  21. gautxori
    gautxori at |

    @Shantanu: 1 suggestion: make the changes to show the whole extents of images bigger / smaller than screen size. (perhaps, instead or resizing them, you just need “to tell windows” to stretch the image)

  22. gautxori
    gautxori at |

    another suggestion: option to randomize images.

  23. Najmu
    Najmu at |

    Very good but do following improvements
    1- add full screen wallpaper support
    2- wallpaper is not changing when today screen is displayed
    3- larger picture should displayed as whole (tile)
    4- device is not getting automatically power off when application is active
    5- support to other applications like S2U2

  24. Najmu
    Najmu at |

    pliz ad support to wisbar advance desktop

  25. najmu
    najmu at |

    and wisbar advance desktop

  26. Mark Smedley
    Mark Smedley at |

    I searched high and low for software that could do this and found only one or two other inferior versions that added additional elements too. This does exactly what I wanted it to do without anything else being added and it works 100% without fail. I’m on a Ipaq 614 and have produced lots of themes with family pics etc so its just great just to switch on and see different themes every time… NICE ONE SHANTANU… if only someone could develop a simple timed profile switcher I’d be sorted….Best Regards Mark Smedley

  27. My Brief History With Computers | My Technophilic Musings

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  28. Paul
    Paul at |

    Hi, Great program! any plans in the future to make use of animated gifs? Or am I doing something wrong?

  29. Change up your themes with ShantzTodayChanger | Tilt Site

    […] Theme files allow you to change the look and feel of your Windows Mobile device’s interface.  They are really a great idea, a image and color scheme in one file, but there is one thing Microsoft never thought of, people get sick of looking at the same theme all the time and many people dont have the time to change it when they get sick of looking at the same one.  Luckily there is a program that fixes this problem, ShantzTodayChanger. […]

  30. Change up your themes with ShantzTodayChanger

    […] Theme files allow you to change the look and feel of your Windows Mobile device’s interface.  They are really a great idea, a image and color scheme in one file, but there is one thing Microsoft never thought of, people get sick of looking at the same theme all the time and many people dont have the time to change it when they get sick of looking at the same one.  Luckily there is a program that fixes this problem, ShantzTodayChanger. […]

  31. Robin
    Robin at |

    Thanks for writing this program!

    At the moment it is only working when I use the default Windows theme. When I use the theme installed by my provider I see the refresh flash, but no result. Think it is related to the faded image part of that theme.

    Looking for a program now to make my own themes on WM5, since Im not very fond of the default windows theme.

    Sidenote: captcha on your contact form isnt working on IE6, IE7 and FF2. The last 2 browsers show the background image but no captcha-code. After clicking the refresh button the complete captcha image disappears…

  32. vinhhoang
    vinhhoang at |

    gave me to dowload.thanhs you evry much

  33. ShantzTodayChanger v1.53 | Symbian & Pocket PC Download

    […] This is a little tool for your Windows Mobile based phones (Compatible with WM5/WM6 but not WM2003) which will cycle ur today background or theme after a set interval of time. It has a lot of features and options that you can discover by reading the text below. And you can even use this options to achieve something other than changing wallpapers as well but that depends on your imagination. … more […]

  34. Project: ShantzTodayChanger Is Now Open Source’d | Shantanu's Technophilic Musings

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  35. Avelino
    Avelino at |

    Hi.. I want to ask some question. What is TdyChangerCfg.exe for? Can you gave me the source of TdyChangerCfg? Thx

  36. Avelino
    Avelino at |

    Ok, thx a lot.

  37. Avelino
    Avelino at |

    Hello Shantanu! I have tried your code and I can used it to change the Today Screen of PocketPC. How about the Home Screen in Smartphone? I can’t set the Background progammatically. Do you know anything about it?

  38. kpe'ers
    kpe'ers at |

    Hello! I’ve got the answer…

  39. kpe'ers
    kpe'ers at |

    Take alook: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa455917.aspx
    I think it can solves your problem…

  40. kpe'ers
    kpe'ers at |

    Shantanu, have you uploaded the TdyChangerCfg source code? If Yes, where? Would you give me the link? Thx.


  41. carl wong
    carl wong at |

    hi, thanks for your great invention. i am a HTC Touch 3G user. However, I followed every single step of the instruction above. It just has never changed automatically.

    And I have a M2DC (touchflo Manilla 2D) installed, would it possibly conflict to each other?

    However, before I used HTC touch before which doesn’t have m2dc, it didn’t work also. would you help me out? I really love your programme, I have a lot of wallpaper wanna be changed…thanks in advance.

  42. Raut
    Raut at |

    if anyone has a problem with it when running it on wm 6.1 or wm6 just install theme master first.then run theme master.then stop it.then suddenly shantz today changer will start working..i dont no y.just had hunch n it started working…neways kool app shantz..m really happy to run it on my xperia…

  43. Raut
    Raut at |

    use theme master first.then stop theme master.then stat shantz today ap..it will work..worked for me.

  44. carl wong
    carl wong at |

    thanks for your reply and advise.

    but sorry, i am an freshman on PDA, would I know more about “theme master”? it is a software?

    maybe a stupid question, thanks for help in advance.

  45. carl wong
    carl wong at |

    dear Raut,

    what you advised us is this software: http://www.soft32.com/download_153030.html


    if i run and stop, then it should work…i will try.

  46. Raut
    Raut at |

    yes..install the software..run it and start shantz today changer at the same time.then stop the earlier app.and then it will work every time..tell me if it works for you..thanxx…

  47. Raut
    Raut at |

    however i dont no if it will access manillas wallpaper.for example in my xperia it has a today screen of windows mible 6.1..i never used a htc so i dont exactly no if it has a today screen..anyways try it out n see..lets hope it works..

  48. Raut
    Raut at |

    Manilla has been ported to many devices..maybe you could port it to yours n try it?

  49. Raut
    Raut at |

    dear shantanu,
    i have programmed earlier in python flash n visual basic..i wanted to know if this can help me in programming for windows mobile..u seem to be a pro in programming for it…so m asking the right person..

    –Aditya Raut

  50. forex hosting
    forex hosting at |

    That’s an interesting article. I just wondered if you could tell me where to find more info on this topic ?

  51. Symbian Blogger
    Symbian Blogger at |

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  52. Artem
    Artem at |

    Thanks for the great (and I think the only) WM wallpaper changer, Shantanu!

    I wonder if there is a way to make the application recognize how an image is oriented (landscape/portrait). I have a HTC Touch Pro2 (t7373) and it uses both modes, so 800×480 wallpapers are shown incorrectly in the portrait mode, and 480×800 ones don’t look good in the landscape mode.

    Thank you in advance for the answer!

  53. Artem
    Artem at |

    Thanks for the application, Shantanu! I think it’s the only one out there.

    Unfortunately, it worked only for 1 day for me. I stopped it to add more photos and just like that it ceased functioning. All it does now is blink at a set period of time.
    I tried every combination of settings, but to no avail. I have a HTC Touch Pro 2 (t7373) device and use the Windows Mobile Green theme.

  54. Artem
    Artem at |

    I got it to work again. I think the solution was to disable wallpapers in the Today settings, start the app with the needed settings, make sure it’s blinking, switch the theme to the standard windows. After this it should start working and the theme can be changed back (to windows mobile green in my case). I tested it with the 20-second cycle interval and then reran the app with the desired one. It continued working and even a number of soft resets couldn’t stop it.

    I hope this is it, as I also did other things, e.g. ran wceload.exe manually a few times just in case. Not sure if that did anything.

    The shortcut with the -c option doesn’t work for some reason, but I don’t need it much anyway.

    I think it wasn’t working because it couldn’t overwrite the windows wallpaper file (tdywater.gif or whatever) or something like that.

    As for the portrait/landscape issue, I just used the 1024×768 wallpapers. This way it just shows a piece of an image. And the portrait one differs from the landscape one at that. This is actually fun. Quite a new look.

  55. Josh
    Josh at |

    Hi Shantanu,
    I was just wondering if it was possible to close the gap up a bit and change it to speed up to .05 seconds. I created a video game interactive wallpaper, have it set to 1 second intervals, and was hoping I could speed it up just slightly so it would flow together better.

    Oh, and thanks for creating such an amazing program, I know you have already heard that a million times but I just wanted to say thanks anyway.

  56. Josh
    Josh at |

    Hello again,
    Thanks for the fast reply. I would much appreciate your help in speeding up the program if you have the time to instruct me. I did look at the code files but non of it made sense to me.

    I am trying to learn c++ and then c on my own from various websites that teach it but I have just began and don’t get the privilege to spend enough time progressing with the education.

  57. Josh
    Josh at |


    I don’t mind how the comments are displayed. I did what you told me but am still having trouble. I cut and paste the cpp file to my deskop to edit with notepad and save it. I cut and paste the file back to it’s location on my phone:

    My Computer\HTC Touch Diamond\\\ShantzTodayChanger\ShantzTodayChangerSrc\ShantzTodayChanger\.svn\text-base

    Do I need to reinstall the program all over again? Am I supposed to transfer the cpp file to the installation folder?

    My Computer\HTC Touch Diamond\\\Program Files\ShantzTodayChanger

    If all I need to do is transfer it back to the first address in this comment then I am out of luck and I did not achieve any faster speed. The video game backround was created with many images caught in a Burst Capture Mode. I slowed down the video to .2x speed and applied the burst capture which helped the photos to not miss any of the animation because the pictures were able to capture fast enough to keep up with the video.

    The end result does flow together but it is not smooth enough to look like an actual video which is what I am trying to achieve if even possible. I look forward to your next comment to give me more specific instructions unless I have done all I can. Thanks!

  58. Josh
    Josh at |

    @Shantanu Goel

    Thanks again for the info to recompile the program. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge on how to do this. I don’t want to take too much of your time especially since you no longer have a winmo phone. I was wondering if you could either help me out with this or point me to a website that can explain how to recompile if by chance you knew of any.

    Is there a program I need to recompile? I recently downloaded a program call Code Blocks version 10.05 and am trying to teach myself C++. Can I use this program to recompile?

    I tried to look up how to recompile after I read your comment and I couldn’t understand what I was finding. I found all kind of compilers for various languages but all that is alien to me.

    Thanks again for continuing to help me with all of this, I appreciate it.

  59. Josh
    Josh at |

    @Shantanu Goel

    Hello, thanks again for the help you provide to me. I will signup for the trial version of the software when I have the time to do so. I was also thinking of eventually buying the program to create other programs for winmo phones.

    I am beginning to develop a passion for this sort of thing but with some limitations. Those limitations being that I am starting from scratch meaning I have to educate myself on how to do all of this with no college education.

    The other limitation being I don’t get very much time to learn this because of work and the fact that I am married and that lifestyle is demanding of me, leaving me little free time to advance my computer skills.

    So anyways my question is this, would this version of the software allow me to recompile your software correctly and develop my own winmo programs?

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition

    This is the software you mentioned, I just wanted to make sure once more before I committed to buy it after the trial. I found this version to be at a fairly low and acceptable price. I was shocked to see how much Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and even the 2008 versions were.

    I realize that winmo 6.5 and below is a dying system and I may not be able to bring programs I develop or create to the new wp7 phones.

    I actually had one program in particular I was thinking of creating someday. If you are curious as to the details of that program check out Brickfish.com and if you are not, that’s fine too, I won’t be offended.

    The link is:


    It’s nothing genius or too creative but I still think it would be a nice and useful program to have.

    Ok gotta go, sorry this comment was so long and thanks again for everything.

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